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Volume 08, Issue 01, Summer 2018

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In This Issue - Doing the Right Thing

Fighting cancer through science, healthy living, and prevention.


Volume 7 - Issue 4 - Fall 2017

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In This Issue - Next-Generation Cancer Care: Patient-Centered, Innovation-Driven

Learn how Texas Oncology’s community-based cancer centers across the state are revolutionizing cancer care with a patient-first approach.

Volume 7 - Issue 3 - Winter 2017

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In This Issue - Quality Cancer Care Without Compromise

A major initiative is underway at Texas Oncology to better deliver care to patients. The Oncology Care Model is an innovative program designed to improve quality of care and the patient experience, while better managing resources.



Volume 6, Issue 1 | Spring 2015

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In This Issue - Packing a Superpunch

The human body is incredibly effective at fighting disease... except when the disease is cancer. Thanks to recent discoveries, Texas Oncology physicians are increasingly turning to immunotherapy, transforming the immune system from Clark Kent to Superman.®


Volume 5, Issue 3 | Third Quarter 2014

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In This Issue - Thank You, Nurses

Oncology nurses and other members of the healthcare team fill vital, versatile roles. Learn how they balance clinical excellence with compassionate care in this issue of the I Can newsletter.

Volume 5, Issue 2 | Second Quarter 2014

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In This Issue - Community-Based Care

Home field advantage for our patients is the key to Texas Oncology’s community-based model of cancer treatment. Learn more about the role and importance of community – personal and professional – in cancer care.

Volume 5, Issue 1 | First Quarter 2014

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In This Issue - Shining a Light on Specialties

This issue of the I Can newsletter highlights Texas Oncology’s array of special expertise in treatment methods and cancer types. No cancer case is routine. But many are challenging and complex. That’s when the fight against cancer calls for reinforcements in the form of specialty care. Read more about Texas Oncology’s nationally-recognized physicians and specialty treatment.


Volume 4, Issue 4 | December 2013

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In This Issue - The Cancer Journey: A User's Guide

This issue of Texas Oncology’s I Can newsletter focuses on ways to prepare for the cancer journey by being informed and understanding what lies ahead. Read more for the best tips from specialists across the Texas Oncology network and other helpful resources.

Volume 4, Issue 3 | September 2013

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In This Issue - More Than Medicine

This issue of Texas Oncology’s I Can newsletter focuses on the things beyond medicine that can ease the physical and emotional burden of treatment. Cancer treatment affects the whole person, body and spirit. Keeping a positive attitude and staying strong allows the body to use all its energy for healing, and gives medical treatments an extra boost.

Volume 4, Issue 2 | June 2013

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In This Issue - Moving Cancer Treatment Forward

Texas Oncology’s leadership in new treatments and research helps create tomorrow’s breakthroughs. This issue of Texas Oncology’s I Can newsletter focuses on an exciting new treatment facility being built in North Texas and other research and treatment advances.

Volume 4, Issue 1 | March 2013

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In This Issue - It Takes a Team

There is no “I” in team – or in cancer treatment. This issue of Texas Oncology’s I Can newsletter introduces the many physicians, technicians, pharmacists and others who make up a cancer care team.


Volume 3, Issue 4 | November 2012

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In This Issue - Caregivers

The support of family and friends is critical in the fight against cancer. This issue of Texas Oncology’s I Can newsletter focuses on caregivers and the vital, often unrecognized role they play in every cancer patient’s treatment.

Volume 3, Issue 3 | September 2012

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In This Issue - Life After Cancer

While early detection and cancer treatment advances are increasing cancer survival rates, life after treatment is often the most challenging time for patients. This issue of Texas Oncology’s I Can newsletter focuses on survivors and embracing life after cancer.

Volume 3, Issue 2 | June 2012

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In This Issue - Advancements in Cancer Treatment

The fight against cancer continuously evolves as technology advances and more is learned about the disease through clinical trials and other research. This issue of Texas Oncology’s “I Can” newsletter highlights some of the exciting advancements that offer powerful new options to cancer patients.Texas Oncology is committed to making these advancements available to patients where they live, close to the support of family and friends.

Volume 3, Issue 1 | March 2012

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In This Issue - Radiation Therapy

In this edition of Texas Oncology’s newsletter, we focus on radiation therapy.


Volume 2, Issue 4 | November 2011

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In This Issue - 25th Anniversary Edition

Texas Oncology founders came together with a vision to make high-quality cancer treatment more accessible. As the practice celebrates its 25th anniversary, that core mission has enabled Texas Oncology physicians to make community-based cancer treatment a reality, bringing hope and the prospect of a better quality of life to patients.

Volume 2, Issue 3 | July 2011

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In This Issue - Cancer Research

Clinical trials, which examine how a cancer patient responds to a new medical approach or drug, are essential in the fight against cancer. Often, studies identify better ways to treat, diagnose, and prevent cancer-related diseases. Patients who participate in clinical trials are volunteers who provide a tremendous service to further cancer research.

Volume 2, Issue 2 | April 2011

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In This Issue - Men's Health

One in two men will have cancer at some point in his life. Some men will battle that diagnosis in their 20s; others will face cancer at a later age. Either way, men with cancer don’t fight it alone. By watching for symptoms, getting screened, avoiding tobacco, and maintaining a healthy weight, men can actively reduce their risk for the disease.

Volume 2, Issue 1 | January 2011

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In This Issue - Cancer Screenings

By making a commitment to screen for cancer, men and women can launch the new year with a lifesaving resolution and actively participate in the fight against one of the nation’s deadliest diseases.