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Bob Baker: Viewing the World Through a Different Lens

December 30, 2019

For Bob Baker, a cancer diagnosis was the beginning of a long journey that ultimately led to a shift in perspective. 

In 2014, Bob was in his mid-40s when he was diagnosed with a rare form of neuroendocrine cancer called carcinoid.

Within a few weeks of his diagnosis, Bob was preparing for treatment and surgery with medical oncologist Lakshmi “Bala” Balasubramanian, M.D., of Texas Oncology–Round Rock, and Declan Fleming, M.D., FACS, a surgical oncologist at Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists–Austin Central

“Bob has an excellent understanding of his disease and has a very meaningful appreciation for his improved quality of life,” said Dr. Bala.

Dr. Fleming agrees. “Bob and I had a close connection and communicated often about his care plan, despite the complexity of his case. I’m very excited that his treatment has profoundly improved his quality of life. Developments of new, effective treatments in recent years have led to a more positive long-term outlook for patients like Bob with advanced cancers,” he said.

Fast-forward to 2019, and Bob has made a full recovery from a lengthy list of life-changing health issues.

Looking back on the last five years, Bob says he feels fortunate and blessed today.

“I have more balance between work and family. I have a different set of priorities. Time is our most valuable resource. Suddenly things that used to be such a big deal and huge source of stress aren’t so tough to deal with anymore. It puts things back into perspective.” said Bob.

View Bob’s story from his perspective below.

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