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Dr. Chris Prakash Joins Texas Medical Association Committee on Cancer

June 06, 2019

Dr. Sucharu “Chris” Prakash, medical oncologist at Texas Oncology–Paris, accepted a position on the Texas Medical Association Committee on Cancer, which oversees cancer-related activities of the TMA, including education, prevention, and collaboration with industry partners. He was nominated by Texas Oncology President and Chairman Dr. Steven Paulson. His three-year term begins June 2019. 

Addressing Important Issues Affecting Texans With Cancer 

In his role, Dr. Prakash will assist in carrying out the important work of the committee in advancing care in the state of Texas. In addition to working closely with partner organizations, including insurers and hospitals, to continue improving cancer treatment for Texans, Dr. Prakash sees his position on the committee as an opportunity to prioritize important issues in oncology care, such as early detection, diagnosis, quality of life, and survivorship.

This nomination gives me a chance to further my work serving cancer patients in Texas. It is an opportunity to share my experiences, collaborate with providers and legislators, and influence cancer policy in the state.” Dr. Sucharu Prakash
Medical Oncologist at Texas Oncology–Paris

Expanding Texas Oncology’s Presence in the Texas Medical Association

With Dr. Prakash’s appointment to the committee, Texas Oncology expands its presence among the community of industry leaders that make up the Texas Medical Association. “Because we at Texas Oncology treat about half of Texans living with cancer, it’s vital we have a voice in public policy that affects our patients and the care they receive,” Prakash said. 

Dr. Prakash joined Texas Oncology–Paris in July 2000. He eventually took on the roles of principal investigator for research trials at the site and regional medical director for the Paris, Mount Pleasant, and Greenville areas. Additionally, he serves on the board of directors for Texas Oncology and is a member of the US Oncology Breast Cancer Research Committee. 

In his nearly 20 years of service with Texas Oncology, Dr. Prakash has become a thought leader in the local healthcare community, acting as medical liaison for the local newspaper, in addition to a trusted advocate for his patients, and an important part of the Texas Oncology team working to advance cancer care and research in the tight-knit community of Paris.

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