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How To Help a Cancer Patient

A desire to help is one the most basic human responses to hearing someone has cancer. However, you may be unsure what to say or how you can help. Click on the links below to find practical advice and tips for ways to help in all facets of the cancer spectrum.

Caregiver Caregiver

Every patient is surrounded by caregivers that stand with them in their cancer fight. You’re an essential part of the treatment team.

Community Community

There’s a place for everyone in the fight against cancer.

Patient Patient

Every patient is different and handles their disease in a unique and personal way.

Employers Employers

Everyone handles a cancer diagnosis, and work, differently. Whether you’re the patient, supervisor, or co-worker, it’s important to recognize every person’s situation is unique.

Storm Survival: A Cancer Caregiver’s Guide Storm Survival: A Cancer Caregiver’s Guide
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, families, friends, and neighbors throughout impacted communities are banding together to help each other rebuild.