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What Our Cancer Patients Should Know About COVID-19

At Texas Oncology the safety of our patients, their caregivers, and our staff is our highest priority. We are following CDC guidelines in our response to COVID-19.

Patients with compromised immune systems, including many cancer patients, are more susceptible to viruses, including COVID-19. Some cancer therapies, such as targeted drugs, steroids, as well as some cancer types, like blood cancers, can result in a weakened immune system.

Your Treatment at Texas Oncology

In this dynamic environment, we are making some operational changes to support and care for patients who need treatment, including concentrating staff in core locations, temporarily altering office hours, and closing some satellite locations. We look forward to resuming a full schedule and re-opening locations soon. Telemedicine appointments and virtual care are readily available.

To reduce risk of exposure, we implemented protocols and changes to how we operate, including:

  • Pre-screening patients by phone prior to appointments
  • Urging patients with fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other concerning symptoms to call before coming to scheduled appointments
  • Screening patients for symptoms at entrances to our locations
  • Offering expanded telemedicine appointments and telepharmacy appointments when clinically appropriate
  • Reinforcing guidelines for use of personal protective equipment, e.g., face masks, gowns, gloves
  • Isolating patients who come into our locations exhibiting symptoms

More Information

Texas Oncology continues to keep our staff and patients updated as the COVID-19 situation evolves. For more information on COVID-19, Texas Oncology recommends the following resources:

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cure Media Group

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