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Pinpoint Accuracy: An Inside Look at Texas Center for Proton Therapy

May 17, 2019

Precision is key in cancer treatment, especially when it comes to radiation. Texas Center for Proton Therapy delivers radiation beams to tumors with sub-millimeter accuracy using latest-generation technology. The ultra precision is matched by a compassionate, personalized approach to patient care.

Proton beam therapy is an advanced type of radiation therapy aimed at destroying cancerous cells using protons. The treatment offers pinpoint precision that delivers high-energy proton beams directly to tumors, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Using images from a patient’s computed tomography (CT) and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a radiation oncologist and his/her team target the machine so that the highest energy of the proton beam is deposited at the tumor site to kill cancer cells. Less radiation is delivered as the proton beam enters the body and little to no radiation is delivered after it hits the tumor, reducing damage to surrounding healthy tissue and potential acute and late side effects.

Guided by some of the world’s most accurate imaging technology, Texas Center for Proton Therapy’s 30-foot tall, 110-ton machine rotates 360 degrees as it delivers targeted radiation to tumors. The technology within the center is among the most advanced available in the world, and it is one of only 30 proton centers operating in the United States.

Take a virtual tour led by Texas Center for Proton Therapy’s Administrative Director Gary Barlow through the below video. From the media lounge, to the children’s play area, to the modern equipment, learn more about the leading-edge care delivered at this facility.

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