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Welcome to Texas Oncology Pharmacy, part of the Texas Oncology comprehensive care team. Texas Oncology Pharmacy is a nationally recognized integrated practice-wide pharmacy. Our Texas Oncology Pharmacy staff are experts in oncology care. Our specialty trained pharmacists are available to patients and are part of each patient’s oncology care team at all times. The Texas Oncology care team is devoted to providing the continuum of care that is vital to a cancer patient, driven by our Vision Mission and Core Values.

Texas Oncology’s comprehensive approach to cancer care includes an award-winning integrated practice-wide pharmacy. At many of our locations, patients can conveniently fill all their prescriptions, and get expert advice and consultation from a pharmacy team specially trained to meet the unique needs of cancer patients.

Our team of more than 70 pharmacists, plus 130 pharmacy technicians and support staff dispense prescription medications at 45 Texas Oncology locations across the state. We also provide convenient pharmacy services by mail to patients as needed. Each year we fill more than 220,000 prescriptions for more than 66,000 patients.

Medically Integrated Pharmacy Advantages

The many advantages our medically integrated pharmacy offers include:

One-stop convenience. In addition to dispensing medicines related to cancer care, saving time and bother by eliminating the need to make an additional stop at the drug store. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and most prescription insurance plans.

Cancer-specific advice and consultation. Our pharmacists are steeped in knowledge of cancer medications and how they may interact with other drugs and other forms of treatment whether chemotherapy infusion, radiation therapy, or immunotherapies. With our oncology team nearby, questions are easily addressed, and patients receive clear instructions on how and when to take their medicines.

What cancer patients need – in stock. Because cancer is our primary focus, our pharmacies are routinely stocked with cancer drugs and related pain, supportive, and hard-to-find medicines that our oncologists commonly prescribe. Special-order medications typically are available with a one-day turnaround.

More support = better care. Our pharmacists are integral members of our patients’ multi-disciplinary care teams. Through close coordination with physicians and nurses, the pharmacy team reinforces patient instructions for taking medications. This has resulted in a greater than 90 percent adherence rate for our patients (the national average is below 70 percent). Patients who take their medicines properly tend to have better overall outcomes.

Patient assistance and advocacy. Cancer medications typically require prior authorization from insurance companies. With efficient processes and an experienced, specially trained team in place, we secure authorizations quickly – usually within 24 hours. Also, our patient assistance specialists are deeply knowledgeable of the many ways to help patients afford costly cancer medications, including grants from foundations, pharmaceutical company coupon and free drug programs, and other sources.

Cost-effective. Patients who use our pharmacy services are more likely to get their prescriptions filled without delay, and with rigorous education so that patients take medicines as intended. This leads to greater adherence, which means the medications are more likely to deliver their full effectiveness. This in turn can significantly reduce the cost of care as more patients avoid unnecessary follow-up care or emergency room hospitalizations. The savings total thousands of dollars per patient per year on average, according to Texas Oncology data.

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