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Carrum Health and Texas Oncology Collaborate on New Breast Cancer Treatment Model

Publication: Houston Medical Times

Value-based care program provides Texas patients streamlined access to high-quality care and reduces costs for patients and employers

SAN FRANCISCO and DALLAS – Nov. 15, 2023 –Carrum Health, a value-based Centers of Excellence healthcare solution changing how we pay for and deliver cancer and surgical care, and Texas Oncology, one of the largest community-based oncology practices in the U.S., today announced a new collaboration to provide high-quality, cost-effective breast cancer care to patients. Through employers, Carrum Health will offer patients a bundled package for breast cancer care that includes two years of coverage for chemotherapy, radiation, and symptom management from Texas Oncology.

Texas Oncology joins Carrum’s rigorously vetted Centers of Excellence network, comprising high-value providers who have invested in patient-centric, evidence-based care nationwide. Carrum offers its employer clients access to this network at pre-negotiated bundled prices, so members can benefit from high-quality care with the help of dedicated care navigators, without having to worry about cost and administrative burdens.

"About half of cancer care is delivered in community oncology settings, which makes these providers a critical component in expanding access to high-value cancer care to our members," said Sach Jain, Carrum Health founder and CEO. "As pioneers in value-based payment models and experts in cancer care, Texas Oncology is an ideal collaborator. We look forward to working with them to provide top-notch outcomes and remove financial toxicity for breast cancer patients.”

With the market's only all-inclusive cancer care bundles, Carrum Health offers access to comprehensive breast cancer treatment and follow-up care including all cancer-related costs, such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy, which are high-cost drivers. This approach enables employers to realize significant and predictable savings with upfront, transparent pricing. Employees seeking treatment for breast cancer can receive comprehensive, evidence-based care with little to no out-of-pocket payments, so they can focus on recovery rather than medical bills.

"We are committed to developing innovative ways to ensure patients have easier access to high-quality local cancer care – so that all stakeholders benefit from the comprehensive value we provide, including reduced costs and less overall disruption to patients’ lives," said Steven Paulson, M.D., president and CEO, Texas Oncology. "The breast cancer care bundle with Carrum Health is the beginning of a growing relationship that will enable us to improve outcomes with superior patient experience.” 

The breast cancer bundle is currently available for patients in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, with plans to expand access for patients in other parts of Texas in the future. In addition, Carrum Health and Texas Oncology plan to expand this collaboration to include other cancers, ensuring more Texans are able to benefit from high-value cancer care.

The article originally appeard in the Houston Medical Times (December 2023 issue). 

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