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A Growing Need for High-Quality Cancer Care – Our Unwavering Commitment to Provide It in Texas

December 16, 2019

Texas Oncology’s unifying purpose since launching more than 30 year ago has been to deliver high-quality cancer care with greater convenience and less disruption to patients in Texas. This commitment remains at the core of our practice today. The Texas Cancer Registry estimates more than 124,000 new cases of cancer to be diagnosed in Texas in 2019. Increasing rates of cancer are expected as our population grows overall and ages. Texas Oncology continues to expand to meet the growing need for local cancer care by adding new facilities, upgrading technology, and growing our team with more physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, and other support staff.

We are committed to treating cancer in Texas and with advancements in medical technology and science today, we are more hopeful than ever.”

Addressing a Growing Need

Texas Oncology sees more than 50,000 new cancer patients annually. In 2019, we welcomed more than three dozen new physicians, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, colorectal surgeons, surgical oncologists, breast surgeons, as well as a breast radiologist, urologist, and neuro-oncologist. In 2020, we expect our physician team to grow to number more than 500. 

We also expanded our supporting clinical staff, adding more nurses, technologists, and other caregivers, as well as advanced practice providers (APPs). These critical providers, also referred to as mid-level providers, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants, work closely with physicians to ensure treatment is fully focused on each patient’s unique needs. 

Expanding Services 

Texas Oncology expanded its suite of services in Austin, Tyler, and The Woodlands. A new patient support services suite is now available at Texas Oncology–Austin North Suite 120, providing patients with comprehensive care that addresses overall health, not just treatment of cancer. The suite provides resources to patients that impact their well-being from diagnosis to survivorship and beyond. The new suite serves as a benchmark of the practice’s growth in the Austin area. What started as a single location has grown to a network of six comprehensive cancer centers and eight additional sites of services. This year, Texas Oncology celebrated its 25th year in Central Texas.

Another significant expansion includes Texas Oncology–The Woodlands Radiation Center, a new 15,000-square-foot radiation therapy facility that recently opened, so that patients can receive both medical and radiation oncology under one roof. The new facility offers a wide range of radiation services, and is equipped with leading-edge radiation technology, upgraded exam rooms, and a newly-designed radiation vault, housing its linear accelerator. In addition, the site offers stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) for brain and spine cancers, stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), and brachytherapy for many cancer types, including gynecologic cancer. Omar Ishaq, M.D. is the radiation oncologist serving patients at the new center.

The addition of Anna Priebe, M.D., FACOG, to the roster of highly talented oncologists at Texas Oncology–Tyler allows gynecologic cancer patients in East Texas to undergo gynecologic surgical procedures in Tyler, instead of traveling for care.

Driving Innovation Through Research

Through a robust research program, Texas Oncology physicians and patients have helped develop more than 90 FDA-approved cancer-fighting therapies. Our physicians are helping lead the way, delivering local care to patients that includes new immunotherapies, clinical trials for targeted therapies, and other innovations. More than 1,700 patients have participated in more than 300 clinical trials this year at Texas Oncology.

Our Promise to Patients

When it comes to our patients, one simple phrase – a promise – guides us each day: Do the right thing. That commitment spans all of our efforts on behalf of patients. Always improving. Always learning. Always putting our patients at the center of everything we do.

“Advancements in medical science and technology mean that we offer cancer patients more hope for better outcomes than ever. Our commitment to community-based care gives patients access to treatment with less overall disruption to their daily lives,” said Steven Paulson, M.D., president and chairman of Texas Oncology.

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