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Messages of Hope on World Cancer Day

February 04, 2020

Whether you’re a patient, survivor, caretaker, colleague of someone with cancer, or you supported a loved one in the past or presently, cancer is a disease that has impacted so many lives.

On World Cancer Day, a global initiative to raise awareness observed annually on February 4, we asked physicians across Texas Oncology’s network to tell us what brings them hope on this day.

I have hope on World Cancer Day 2020 because through clinical trials we are finding more treatments for gynecologic cancer. We are learning more about cancer on a molecular level and are able to develop new and more targeted treatments faster than ever before.” Noelle Cloven, M.D., Texas Oncology–Fort Worth Cancer Center
I am hopeful because we continue to make progress. With cutting edge clinical trials and research, we advance the opportunities available to patients for more effective therapies that lead to improved outcomes. My patients inspire me every day with their strength and determination. I am honored to provide the most compassionate care possible to our patients.” Helen Eshed, M.D., Texas Oncology–Austin Central
The courage and strength of cancer patients and their families. The faithfulness of the staff, nurses, pharmacist, and physicians working to care for cancer patients in need.” Thomas Harris, M.D., Texas Oncology–Waco
The awareness of cancer and the importance of early detection. Detection and being aware of cancer are the most important things that can lead to a cure.” Henna M Malik, M.D., Texas Oncology–Houston Willowbrook
Advances which continue to improve individualized patient care, targeted therapies with the potential to prolong and improve lives, and the teamwork between providers and patients which makes this fight with cancer, winnable.” Sucharu Prakash, M.D., Texas Oncology–Paris
The amazing advances in targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and personalized medicine bring me hope. We are in an exciting time in cancer research with many new trials in development, giving patients more options for treatment than ever before.” Anna Priebe, M.D., FACOG, Texas Oncology–Longview Cancer Center and Texas Oncology–Tyler
The rapid development of a plethora of new classes of treatment in various types of cancer, as well as the ability to do molecular testing to help guide targeted therapy.” Suresh Ratnam, M.D., FACP, Texas Oncology–McAllen
I look forward to the day when advanced science and research will prevent cancer. In the meantime, we are given the tools we need to provide hope and heal cancer.” Nabeel Sarhill, M.D., Texas Oncology–Harlingen
With better understanding of cancer biology now than 15-20 years ago, I think we should be able to cure all types of cancer in the years to come with early detection, and personalized treatments.”Praveen Tumula, M.D., FACP, Texas Oncology–Amarillo Cancer Center

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