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Welcome to the Texas Oncology media center. Here you will find the latest news, facts, and statistics about Texas Oncology and cancer, as well as tools to help you develop compelling stories.

  • Disaster Preparedness

    Sometimes unexpected events force us to evacuate our homes. As a cancer patient, being prepared means more than safeguarding your home. The Emergency Preparedness form and other helpful tips can assist you in preparing for an unexpected emergency.


Media Contacts

Texas Oncology is available to assist journalists working on stories about cancer, including coordinating interviews with physicians, experts, and patients, as well as providing background information, or addressing other questions.

Ed Bryson

Director of Public Relations and Communications, Texas Oncology



Media Inquiry

Shana Bristow




Media Inquiry

Media Resources

Texas Oncology is eager to assist journalist with developing news coverage and feature stories. In addition to coordinating interviews with our physicians, experts, and patients, we also offer fact sheets and other background information about the newest advancements in cancer treatment, clinical trials and research, current trends, and issues.

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