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Dr. Bridget O’Brien: Fighting Breast Cancer Amid COVID-19

June 29, 2020

When it comes to fighting breast cancer amid COVID-19, Bridget O’Brien, D.O., FACS, breast surgical oncologist at Texas Breast Specialists–Cedar Park and Georgetown, says taking steps to stay healthy should be a priority.

In a conversation with Jeannine O’Deens, executive director for Susan G. Komen of Greater Central and East Texas, Dr. O’Brien said she wants patients to know that stress, anxiety, and fear are normal feelings – but they don’t have to dictate a patient’s ability to stay physically and emotionally healthy.

I think that our world is changing day by day, and we learn more information each day about the pandemic,” Dr. O’Brien said, emphasizing the importance of community during this time.

It’s hard for many people to ask for help or to know how to ask for help. For cancer patients, juggling daily responsibilities such as work and caring for family while going through treatment is difficult – COVID-19 may add another layer of stress.

Stress can affect us in greater ways than we may realize, so anything we can do to minimize stress through this pandemic is beneficial,” she added.Breast cancer screenings, breast surgery, recognizing symptoms of breast cancer, and being vigilant about safety protocols are among the important topics Dr. O’Brien addressed. See the full conversation in the video below.

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