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Support Groups

Cancer affects far more than your body; your psychological and emotional health must also be considered. Our focus is on your whole person, as well as the needs of the friends and family who support you. You have access to numerous local and nationwide support groups that can provide information, guidance, and an unparalleled understanding of living with cancer.

Support groups bring patients together to share their experiences and learn more about solving their cancer-related problems. The groups are often led by current or former patients. Some are focused on specific types of cancer; others are open to both patients and family members.

Only you can decide if a support group is beneficial for you. Some concerns are best addressed in groups; others may seem too personal to share. Discuss your preferences with your medical team. They will connect you with the right resources for you and your family. Many practices have local support groups. Call your local cancer center or visit its page on this website.

Many national cancer organizations offer support groups as well.