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Support Groups

Cancer affects far more than your body; your psychological and emotional health must also be considered. Our focus is on your whole person, as well as the needs of the friends and family who support you. Our support groups bring patients together in person or online to share their experiences, receive information and guidance, and learn how to live with cancer.

Support groups can help resolve feelings of isolation and loneliness and are a source of valuable information. Many participants find that the community, learning resources and coping skills that are created through ongoing open sharing is highly rewarding and valuable. Texas Oncology offers support groups throughout the state of Texas to offer our patients and their family the support they need.

Select your region below for more information about support groups in your area.

The Languages of Love Support Group: Connecting With Your Partner During Cancer

Texas Oncology is proud to collaborate with The University of Texas on a research study to understand the importance of emotional support between patients and their partners and how that effects the quality of life for cancer patients.

Texas Oncology cancer patients and their partners will closely follow the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman to learn their love languages (your unique preference of how to receive love from others) and allow their partner to perform actions specific to their love language for six weeks. View upcoming groups.

Open Enrollment Support Group

Texas Oncology’s open enrollment support group is led by a licensed social worker and is a place for cancer patients to meet others with similar struggles, share stories and suggestions, and find support, all while fostering relationships. This group is available for patients throughout the state and does not require a session commitment to participate. Patients are able to register for the sessions that are available and convenient for their schedule. View current open enrollment sessions.

Grupos de apoyo en español

El cáncer afecta mucho más que su cuerpo: también debe considerarse la salud psicológica y emocional. Texas Oncology ofrece grupos de apoyo en todo el estado de Texas para brindar a nuestros pacientes y sus familias el apoyo que necesitan. Más información.

Texas Oncology Foundation Caregiver Connections Support Group

The Texas Oncology Foundation is hosting a Caregiver Connections support group that meets every first and third Thursday of the month from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. There is no cost to participate and this group is not gender specific. Please reserve your spot for the upcoming group.