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Community And Support

We surround our patients and loved ones with a warm community and many support resources to make coping with cancer a little easier. Learn more about the Texas Oncology community, a variety of support programs, and ways that caregivers, communities, and employers can help a patient.

My Community My Community
Regardless of your cancer type, our patients share a common bond. We encourage you to become or remain involved with this unique community. We’re pleased to provide a wide range of options for you.
My Support My Support

We realize you and your support network have many questions about your cancer, treatment options, and social support services. We have numerous resources to help you find the answers you need, no matter if you’re the patient or a part of a support network.

How To Help a Cancer Patient How To Help a Cancer Patient

A desire to help is one the most basic human responses to hearing someone has cancer. However, you may be unsure what to say or how you can help. Click on the links below to find practical advice and tips for ways to help in all facets of the cancer spectrum.