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The Texas Oncology News Hub is your source for important, helpful news and information about trends and innovations in cancer treatment, as well updates on our physicians, locations, and the care that we provide.

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J Russell Hoverman, M.D.: Value-based Programs

In 2019, the trends in cancer care will highlight improvements and opening new doors from previous trends. We will continue to see the use of immunology, which uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer, as part of a personalized treatment plan that is less toxic than chemotherapy.
Article January 03, 2019

Dr. Victor Mangona Recaps Proton Therapy Highlight out of ASTRO

There are many key trends coming out of the 2018 ASTRO Annual Meeting. According to Victor Mangona of Texas Center for Proton Therapy, one in particular may even change the way we treat cancer.
Article October 30, 2018

West Texas Breast Symposium

This Saturday, September 15th, the Midland Health Breast Center and Texas Oncology will host the West Texas Breast Symposium. Continuing Education credits are available for nurses, physicians and radiology technicians, and the public is invited to attend as well.
Article September 11, 2018

The Physics of Cancer Care: A Q&A with Ty Fontenot, Chief Medical Physicist, Gulf Coast Region, Texas Oncology

Ty Fontenot, one of our longest-serving employees, shares his experience as chief medical physicist of the Gulf Coast region.
Q&A June 21, 2018

The Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG) Conference

The Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG) conference is an event that takes place in North America once every four years where field experts are invited to give educational lectures.
Article June 14, 2018

The Benefits and Risks to Consider in Clinical Trials

Dr. Jason Melear of Texas Oncology–Austin Midtown explains the important benefits and potential risks for patients to consider when deciding to participate in a clinical trial.
Q&A May 18, 2018

Cancer Research Making a Difference

Advancements in cancer research are not only making headlines but also making treatment – and life – better for cancer patients. Dr. Sharon Wilks, Texas Oncology–San Antonio Northeast shares perspectives on noteworthy outcomes from breakthrough cancer research.
Q&A May 17, 2018

Ringing Bells, Confetti Showers, and Finding a Voice: A Q&A With Michele Peterson, B.S., CMD, R.T., Texas Oncology-Austin Central

Michele Peterson, Texas Oncology–Austin Central, one of our longest-serving employees, shares how each and every day at work remains rewarding for both herself and her coworkers.
Q&A March 28, 2018

Empowering Children and Families Impacted by Cancer: A Q&A with Laura Drap

Certified as a child life professional, Laura Drap provides child life services to pediatric patients and their families while they are in treatment at Texas Center for Proton Therapy.
Article March 27, 2018

Prostate Cancer Study: Multi-parametric MRI Improves Risk Assessment and Biopsy Accuracy

Drs. Andrew Lee and Ashley Ross discuss challenges in diagnosing prostate cancer and review recent studies that explore care options.
Article March 27, 2018