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The Texas Oncology News Hub is your source for important, helpful news and information about trends and innovations in cancer treatment, as well updates on our physicians, locations, and the care that we provide.

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The State of Kidney Cancer Treatment with Dr. Brad Hirsch

Dr. Brad Hirsch of Texas Oncology–Medical City Dallas Building D discusses treatment options for kidney cancer, breakthroughs in research, and important messages to keep in mind.
Q&A April 08, 2019

Value-Based Care: Improving Outcomes, Reducing Costs for Texas Oncology Patients

A sharper focus on patient-outcomes is the aim of value-based care programs Texas Oncology has embraced.
Article April 05, 2019

Cooling Cap Helps Patients Maintain Hair and Self-Esteem

Clinical trial at Texas Oncology helps confirm effectiveness – helping patients like Melissa Ducker, a breast cancer patient at Texas Oncology–Houston Memorial City, mitigate hair loss from chemotherapy.
Article April 01, 2019

A Q&A with Dr. Noelle Cloven on Cervical Cancer Prevention

Dr. Noelle Cloven of Texas Oncology–Fort Worth Cancer Center discusses HPV awareness, preventative vaccinations, and treatment breakthroughs for cervical cancer.
Q&A March 28, 2019

Child’s Play Healing at Texas Center for Proton Therapy

Texas Center for Proton Therapy child life specialist Laura Drap shares perspectives on her role and the healing power of play.
Article March 22, 2019

Oncologist Jane Chawla Honors Patients with Gorgeous “Art Bra” Creation

Two-year effort, 200 hours of meticulous detail work culminates in stunningly beautiful tribute to breast cancer patients.
Article March 20, 2019

2019 Trends: The Rise in Colon Cancer with Dr. Rodriguez-Ruesga

Dr. Roberto Rodriguez-Ruesga of Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists–Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center discusses the rise of colon cancer diagnoses in people under 50.
Article March 13, 2019

The Rise in Colon Cancer Among Younger Adults: What You Should Know

Recent studies are shedding light on a concerning trend among those under the age of 50: a sharp rise in incidences of colon cancer. Learn how you can protect yourself by adopting healthy habits at any age.

Article March 11, 2019

Supporting Women Cancer Researchers

Texas Oncology’s commitment to cancer research includes supporting Women Who Conquer Cancer, a unique program for young women researchers from the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO).
Article March 01, 2019

Dr. Sasha Strain on Healthy Living and Cancer

Dr. Sasha Strain of Texas Oncology–Tyler and Jacksonville shares why a healthy lifestyle should be a part of your cancer prevention strategy.
Article February 28, 2019