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The Texas Oncology News Hub is your source for important, helpful news and information about trends and innovations in cancer treatment, as well updates on our physicians, locations, and the care that we provide.

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Three Ways to Cut Your Cancer Risk and Take Back Your Health

As the death rate from cancer in the U.S. declines, obesity-related cancer deaths are on the rise and Texas leads the way. Learn about steps you can take to cut your risk.
Article February 15, 2019

When Life is in the Balance, Excellence Means Everything

After completing leukemia treatment at Texas Oncology, Wesley and April White crossed paths and eventually married. Read their full story this Valentine’s Day.
Article February 14, 2019

Embracing Life After a Cancer Diagnosis

Join us for the Survive & Thrive webinar on February 14, 2019 and let's talk about intimacy after cancer.
Webinar February 14, 2019

Texas Oncology Expands as Austin Area Grows

Georgetown is known for small-town charm, but it’s also experienced booming growth, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. list in recent years.
Article February 06, 2019

Jeff Yorio: World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is a great way to bring awareness to prevention, screening, and treatment of all types of cancers.
January 31, 2019

Cancer in the Workplace

Texas Oncology has developed helpful tips for patients, co-workers, managers, as well as inspiring individual patient stories.
Article January 29, 2019

Top Five Cancer Trends in 2019

Trends shaping cancer treatment and prevention in 2019 blend a focus on the opportunities that lie in deeper understanding of what is unique to each patient with insights gleaned from probing what is common to many.
Article January 18, 2019

Michelle Ashworth: Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week is an important time to reflect on how we can address bad habits, try new foods and activities, and remember that we only get one body so we should nourish it accordingly.
Article January 18, 2019

Penny DeCou, LCSW: The Role of an Oncology Social Worker

The role of an Oncology Social Worker (OSW) is to provide direct support and navigation services to patients and their families throughout the treatment process.
Article January 17, 2019

Terri Pustilnik, M.D.: Preventing Cervical Cancer

We know that the most important risk factor for developing cervical cancer is the presence of the HPV virus, as more than 90 percent of all cervical cancers have been found to have it present.
Article January 10, 2019