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Texas Oncology–Plano East Welcomes North Texas Native, Dr. Parth Khade

November 16, 2021

Parth Khade, M.D., hematologist and medical oncologist, is now seeing patients at Texas Oncology–Plano East. Dr. Khade discusses his personalized care approach and vision for the future of cancer care.

What inspired you to specialize in cancer care?

Many factors inspired me to specialize in cancer medicine. First was the ability to support patients during a very challenging time of their life. I wanted to help them navigate their cancer journey, counsel them on treatment options, and make them feel comfortable knowing that they are not alone. I am both humbled and honored to serve as an oncology physician for patients.

Second, I am grateful for the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary setting that coordinates cancer care between surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and primary care physicians. This collaborative care provides our patients with a well-rounded treatment approach from multiple specialists and experts.

What are you most looking forward to as cancer treatment continues to evolve?

There are many exciting innovations in the field of cancer medicine. Immunotherapy and targeted medicine have allowed us to approach cancer treatment in a more focused and individualized manner, and such innovative discoveries will only accelerate in the coming years. In hematology and oncology, new clinical trials and research developments are also continually coming forth, allowing us, as oncologists, to equip our patients with the most effective treatments possible.

My goal as your oncologist is to provide you with a compassionate doctor-patient relationship, so you feel comfortable at every step in your cancer treatment."

If you could tell prospective patients one thing, what would it be?

You are strong and resilient. My goal as your oncologist is to provide you with a compassionate doctor-patient relationship, so you feel comfortable at every step in your cancer treatment. It is normal to feel vulnerable when diagnosed with cancer – but know that we are in this journey together. It is my hope to be able to treat patients with the same care as I would my own family.

As a North Texas native, how does it feel to now care for patients in your community?

It is truly amazing to return to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and practice in the community I call home. Having grown up in Flower Mound, I have seen how much the suburbs of Dallas have grown throughout the years. To now be able to care for patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a dream come true.

How are you feeling about the Cowboys this year with Dak back?

It is great to see Dak healthy again and playing for the Cowboys! I have been a Cowboys fan since I was a child. It has been so exciting to see the progression of the different quarterback eras for the Dallas Cowboys – from Troy Aikman to Tony Romo and now to Dak Prescott.

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