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Residents in the program have two years of intensive clinical training in all aspects of radiation oncology medical physics. Residents must have an M.S., Ph.D., or certificate from a CAMPEP accredited graduate program.


  • Sydney Land, MS, 2023
  • Vladimir Malesevic, MS, 2023
  • ​Austin Wilkinson, MS, 2022
  • Dallin Francom, MS, 2021
  • Thaddeus Howard, MS, 2021
  • Justin Yates, MS, 2020
  • Philip Bardos, MS, 2019
  • Molly Pettyjohn, MS, 2018
  • Dimitra Baldassari, MS, 2017
  • Kileigh Peturis, MS, 2016
  • Taylor Neff, MS, 2015
  • Bryce Gustafson, MS, 2014