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Your Screening Detected Cancer During COVID-19. What Now?

Regular cancer screenings are important parts of prevention and early detection, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. But if cancer is detected following a screening, what should you do next? Srinath Sundararajan, M.D., FACP, hematologist and medical oncologist at Texas Oncology–Katy and Bellville, shares guidance.
Article October 02, 2020

Dr. Julie Sprunt: Managing Your Cancer Treatment During COVID-19

Julie Sprunt, M.D., FACS, fellowship trained breast surgeon at Texas Breast Specialists–Austin, discusses cancer care decision-making during COVID-19, including assessing the best treatment, follow-up, and maintenance strategy for each patient.
Article October 01, 2020

Guest Perspectives: How a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me to Prioritize My Health

Prostate cancer survivor and author John Griffith, from McKinney, shares his personal experience and the addresses importance of prostate cancer screenings.
Article September 30, 2020

Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists–Austin Central Welcomes Dr. Christopher R. Oxner

Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists–Austin Central recently welcomed Cmdr. Christopher R. Oxner, M.D., FACS, USN. We sat down with Dr. Oxner to discuss his history of military service and how he hopes to impact his patients.
Q&A September 28, 2020

Texas Urology Specialists–Austin Midtown Welcomes Dr. Clark Alex Wilson

Texas Urology Specialists–Austin Midtown recently welcomed urologist Clark Alex Wilson, M.D. We sat down with Dr. Wilson to discuss the strength of the human spirit and the future of personalized cancer care.
Q&A September 24, 2020

Webinar: Health & Community After Quarantine

Join Texas Oncology and Texas Oncology Foundation for an online panel discussion that continues to explore life after quarantine.
Webinar September 23, 2020

Texas Oncology–Bastrop Welcomes Dr. Bart Posnik

Texas Oncology–Bastrop recently welcomed Bart Posnik, M.D. We sat down with Dr. Posnik to discuss the future of treatment and his passion for hematology and oncology.
Q&A September 18, 2020

Guest Perspectives: Reflections on Life with Cancer During COVID-19

Uterine cancer patient Beth Wesley of Austin, Texas, shares her perspective on resiliency and living with cancer prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Article September 16, 2020

Flu Season During COVID-19: Is Your Family Prepared?

This year’s flu season will be like no other given the overlap with the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone should practice extra caution this year, taking the necessary steps to slow COVID-19 and stop the flu in its tracks.
Article September 14, 2020

Texas Oncology–Horizon Circle and Waco Welcome Dr. Tyler Snedden

Texas Oncology–Horizon Circle and Waco recently welcomed Tyler Snedden, M.D. We sat down with Dr. Snedden to discuss his passion for working with cancer patients.
Q&A September 04, 2020