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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Robert Walker

    Robert Walker: Defying the Odds of Living With Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

    In 2020, 68-year-old Robert Walker was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, which typically has a poor prognosis with less than five percent of patients expected to survive more than five years. Through good days and not-so-good days, Robert maintained a positive attitude. Robert has responded so well to every component of treatment from chemotherapy to surgery, that he has far outlived the traditional survival for patients with stage IV pancreatic cancer as he continues to fight this deadly disease.

    “When you are faced with problems, you face it head on, and you give your best fight,” said Robert Walker.

    Robert Walker
    Pancreatic Cancer
  • Kim Mosier

    Kim Mosier: Finding Strength and Body Positivity After Breast Cancer

    Kim Mosier noticed a spot on her breast, but did not think it was anything to be too concerned about. Several months later, a biopsy revealed she had breast cancer. What Kim was not prepared for was the raw reality of cancer, and the impact it would have on her mental health and body image. Today, Kim has discovered a newfound love for her body and her purpose as a source of strength to women fighting breast cancer.

    “Fighting cancer has taught me how powerful my body really is and introduced me to the strongest group of women I’ve ever met. These women have inspired me for the better, and I want to be a champion in helping others who are navigating cancer,” said Kim Mosier.

    Kim Mosier
    Breast Cancer
  • Caitlyn Rice

    Caitlyn Rice: A Routine Mammogram Saved My Life

    Caitlyn Rice has always remained vigilant when it comes to her health. With a family history of breast cancer, she began getting screened early – only to be diagnosed with breast cancer at her very first appointment. Caitlyn credits a routine mammogram with saving her life and helping her learn to love her body again after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

    “A cancer diagnosis and treatment can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. My best advice is to stay positive, do not be afraid to lean on others, and most of all, have faith,” said Caitlyn.

    Caitlyn Rice
    Breast Cancer
  • Pearce Murphy

    Pearce Murphy: Celebrating 20 Years of Life After Childhood Cancer

    At 10 years old, Pearce Murphy received his non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis. Now, on the 20-year anniversary of his diagnosis, Pearce is living a happy and healthy life. Pearce and his mother Janise reflect on this milestone and what life after cancer taught them.

    “Your life and your body are not always the same after cancer. Thanks to my amazing family, friends, and network of doctors who have stood with me long after completing treatment, I am beyond grateful for the life I have been able to live over the past 20 years,” said Pearce.

    Pearce Murphy
    Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Ken Laney

    Ken Laney: Living a More "Grateful" Life After Skin Cancer

    When you receive a cancer diagnosis, “grateful” typically isn’t the first word that comes to mind. But for 66-year- old, Ken Laney, the sentiment has been an integral theme throughout his melanoma diagnosis and journey. Under the care of Dr. Christopher Oxner, Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists—Austin Central, Cedar Park, and South Austin, Ken received three surgeries to remove skin cancer from his ankle. More than one year after his cancer diagnosis and treatment, Ken remains cancer free and continues to express his gratitude for his health, family, and the cancer care he received at Texas Oncology.

    “I’m grateful for the care I received. I’m grateful for the nurses. I’m grateful to have ended up with a good outcome. I am grateful for all that I have.”

    Ken Laney
  • Nell Nations

    Nell Nations: Using Art to Bring Hope to the Cancer Community

    Nell Nations, a local artist, has served as the chief radiation therapist at Texas Oncology for over 17 years. However, two years ago, she became a patient herself within the very walls where she worked. Today, a colon cancer survivor, Nell uses her artistic talents to bring hope to cancer patients in the Wichita Falls community.

    “It is my hope that my artwork will bring joy and hope to future cancer patients, caregivers, and the Wichita Falls community.”

    Nell Nations
    Colon Cancer