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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Katherine Peck: Starting a New Chapter Amid Cancer and COVID-19

    Katherine Peck’s fight against breast cancer began during the COVID-19 pandemic, around the same time she was planning her retirement. As she starts the next chapter, Katherine encourages others to be proactive about their health.

    “I tell everyone to get mammograms. It’s so important, COVID-19 or not, to keep up with your screenings and physician follow-ups.”

    Katherine Peck
    Breast Cancer
  • Maria Herrera: Confidence in Her Care During COVID-19

    Maria Herrera’s cancer journey hit an unexpected obstacle when COVID-19 temporarily halted her scheduled surgery. Maria’s trust in her care team and confidence in her treatment outcome helped her continue to fight despite facing uncertainty.

    “I always felt safe. Drs. Terry, Sri, and my entire team, worked together so well and made sure I was comfortable. You get peace of mind it’s going to be okay.”

    Maria Herrera
    Breast Cancer
  • Samantha Villalobos: Why I Refused to Let COVID-19 Define My Cancer Journey

    Fighting cancer during COVID-19 challenged ovarian cancer survivor Samantha Villalobos to lean on the support of her family, friends, and her physician and care team at Texas Oncology. Here she shares her cancer journey with hopes of inspiring others.

    “Dr. Ward made me a promise that we’d fight my cancer together, and she kept it."

    Samantha Villalobos
    Ovarian Cancer
  • Elaine Sanders: From Patient to Passionate Yoga Practitioner

    For Elaine Sanders, a cancer diagnosis led to a newfound love of yoga and a community of support from fellow cancer patients and survivors.

    “Yoga has helped my cancer recovery and improved my life and my outlook.“

    Elaine Sanders
    Breast Cancer
  • Bill and Karen Peary: Fighting Cancer Together, In Sickness and In Health

    Bill and Karen Peary, a husband-and-wife team photographing weddings in Central Texas, found themselves fighting blood cancer – together.

    “We don’t get to choose the hardships we go through, but we can choose how we go through them.”

    Bill and Karen Peary
    Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma
  • Michelle Benoist: Turning Challenge into Opportunity

    For Michelle Benoist, a stay-at-home mother of two, a colorectal cancer diagnosis changed her perspective and her life. It led to an unexpected new calling: avid advocacy for preventive cancer screenings.

    “I was actively being screened for cervical and skin cancer, but never thought about colorectal cancer. I’m now a huge advocate for cancer screenings, and I frequently encourage others to get screened.”

    Michelle Benoist
    Colon Cancer