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The Texas Oncology News Hub is your source for important, helpful news and information about trends and innovations in cancer treatment, as well updates on our physicians, locations, and the care that we provide.

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Cancer Research Making a Difference

Advancements in cancer research are not only making headlines but also making treatment – and life – better for cancer patients. Dr. Sharon Wilks, Texas Oncology–San Antonio Northeast shares perspectives on noteworthy outcomes from breakthrough cancer research.
Q&A May 17, 2018

Ringing Bells, Confetti Showers, and Finding a Voice: A Q&A With Michele Peterson, B.S., CMD, R.T., Texas Oncology-Austin Central

Michele Peterson, Texas Oncology–Austin Central, one of our longest-serving employees, shares how each and every day at work remains rewarding for both herself and her coworkers.
Q&A March 28, 2018

Empowering Children and Families Impacted by Cancer: A Q&A with Laura Drap

Certified as a child life professional, Laura Drap provides child life services to pediatric patients and their families while they are in treatment at Texas Center for Proton Therapy.
Article March 27, 2018

Prostate Cancer Study: Multi-parametric MRI Improves Risk Assessment and Biopsy Accuracy

Drs. Andrew Lee and Ashley Ross discuss challenges in diagnosing prostate cancer and review recent studies that explore care options.
Article March 27, 2018

Borrowed Sweaters, Warm Blankets, and Big Hugs: A Q&A With Sue Campbell, Texas Oncology-Tyler

Sue Campbell, one of our longest-serving employees, shares her passion for her job and the patients she helps every day.
Q&A February 15, 2018

Cancer Trends: Patient Power

With more information about more treatment options available, and a new attitude among healthcare teams, patients are more directly involved than ever in their treatment.
Article February 05, 2018

Cancer Trends: Surviving and Thriving

More patients getting better treatment earlier means more survivors – and greater emphasis on managing the disease, and patients’ lives after cancer.
Article February 04, 2018

Cancer Trends: Big Data = Big Solutions

Scientists say mountains of data are revealing new ways to diagnose and treat cancer.
Article February 03, 2018

Cancer Trends: No Chemo?

Innovations like immunotherapy, CAR-T, proton therapy, and new medicines are transforming cancer care.
Article February 02, 2018

Cancer Trends: Toppling Type

The location of cancer tumors is becoming less relevant than what’s inside the molecules of cells that comprise them. Biomarkers are helping redefine treatment.
Article January 31, 2018