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Services and Treatments

Texas Oncology offers leading-edge cancer treatments in Texas with personalized care at a cancer center close to you.

Like you, every form of cancer has unique characteristics. While no single cancer treatment is right for everyone, we create an evidence-based plan specific to your needs.

The majority of Texas Oncology’s cancer treatments and services are performed in an outpatient setting. Our community-based cancer centers eliminate the burden of traveling to distant treatment facilities for frequent appointments. You can receive quality cancer care and leading-edge technology without leaving your support network of nearby friends and family.

Specialty Programs
Our specialty programs include medical, radiation, and surgical oncology, as well as specialized programs for specific types of cancers.
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Cancer Treatments

Your cancer treatment plan may include a combination of treatment types.

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Texas Breast Specialists

Texas Breast Specialists provide comprehensive breast care for women.

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Texas Colon and Rectal Specialists Physicians Join Texas Oncology
Texas Colon and Rectal Specialists (TCRS) physicians will join a new colorectal specialty division within Texas Oncology as of March 1, 2021.
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Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists

Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists work closely with your treatment team to provide surgical options, which are often minimally invasive.

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Texas Urology Specialists

Texas Urology Specialists provide comprehensive urologic care to patients.

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Medical Services and Technologies

Your doctor may use additional services and technologies to evaluate and treat your cancer.

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Clinical Trials and Cancer Research

Clinical trials allow you to access new, experimental treatments before they are widely available.

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Patient Support Services

Cancer treatment can impact your quality of life, and your specific treatment may facilitate the need for additional services

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Pharmacy Services
Texas Oncology’s comprehensive approach to cancer care includes an award-winning integrated practice-wide pharmacy.
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Genetic Risk Evaluation and Testing

Genetic testing can help determine if you have increased risk for certain types of cancer.

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Complementary & Alternative Medicine

You may become interested in complementary and alternative medicine.

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