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Complementary & Alternative Medicine

You may be interested in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies to help cope with your cancer. Before pursuing this path, it is strongly suggested that you first discuss your options with your oncologist. Without careful supervision, CAM can introduce potential for harmful and even life-threatening reactions.

CAM therapies are practiced outside conventional Western medicine principles, and they include a variety of healing philosophies and practices that are not currently accepted or used by conventional medical doctors.

Complementary Medicine

However, the same may not be true for herbs or other substances that can be used as complementary medicine – and some can even interfere with the ability of chemotherapy drugs to kill cancerous cells.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is used instead of conventional medicine to treat specific diseases. For minor health issues, alternative medicine is generally not dangerous. However, some alternative therapies have serious and even life-threatening side effects. With others, the main danger is that a patient may lose the opportunity to benefit from conventional cancer treatment.

Your physician is well-versed in medical solutions and CAM options. They can help you assess your condition and opportunities and determine if CAM is the right path for your recovery. If so, they can help connect you with the methods and services that are best suited to your specific condition.

Natural Standard

To learn more about CAM visit Natural Standards. Please note that the information available through this link is not provided by Texas Oncology, and Texas Oncology does not necessarily endorse this information. All information provided through this link is for your reference only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your physician before acting or relying upon such information.