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Surgery may be an important part of your cancer treatment plan:

  • It may be preventive, diagnostic, involve removing a cancerous tumor, help relieve symptoms, or be reconstructive.
  • Surgery may be used as a primary treatment or in conjunction with other treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Surgery may be performed before or after other treatments. Today’s advancements in surgical techniques offer many patients less invasive surgery options.

Your doctor may need to perform a procedure in order to diagnose and stage your cancer.

  • During a biopsy, a sample of cells is removed and examined to determine if cancer cells are present.
  • An endoscopy uses a scope to examine the suspicious area. Cells can be removed through the scope.
  • Both a laparoscopy and laparotomy also use a scope to view suspicious areas, but an incision and general anesthesia are needed to perform the procedure.