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Filling Prescriptions

Your physician and the Texas Oncology Pharmacy work together to help you through your oncology care plan. When your physician determines that oral chemotherapy treatment is the best course of treatment, they will send your script via an electronic prescribing process to our pharmacy team unless otherwise requested by you or your pharmacy benefit manager.

Optimal value of the Texas Oncology care approach is best achieved by having a credible, accessible, and consistent care team. By utilizing the Texas Oncology Pharmacy, we can stay focused on providing you the care you deserve in a timely, comprehensive, and reliable way.


You can expect the pharmacy to contact you about your refill. We will call you about a week before you are due to run out of medication. If you have not received a call from the pharmacy within 7 days of a refill need, you or an authorized representative may call us and place your refill order at 1-800-778-9577, or via the Contact Us Form.

Auto Refill

In order to have a prescription automatically refilled a Pharmacy Staff member will need to speak with you or an authorized representative , and ask you a short series of questions for the pharmacist to review. During this call we’ll also check the day of the week you'd prefer your refill to arrive. BioPlus Your Texas Oncology pharmacy can deliver your order to your home, office, or designated destination.

Drug Substitution Protocols

We’ll always use the most cost-efficient option for you. Occasionally, it may be necessary to substitute generic drugs for brand-name drugs. This could occur due to your insurance company preferring the generic be dispensed or to reduce your co-pay. If this is the case, we’ll will contact you prior to shipping the medication to inform you of the substitution. When available, our pharmacy will default to generic to save you money. We will use brand name medication at your or your prescriber’s request.

Obtaining Drugs Not Available at Texas Oncology

There are very few drugs that Texas Oncology cannot obtain on your behalf. These drugs are usually restricted by the manufacturer to just one or two pharmacies in the nation. If you happen to need one of these limited distribution drugs, our pharmacy team will work with all parties to ensure you get the medication that is part of your oncology treatment plan.