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Why Texas Oncology Pharmacy

Oncology pharmacists serve an important role on the patient’s care team because much of cancer treatment is achieved with infused and oral medications. We have created a patient-focused program that ensures attentive, accessible care with a full, singular team based approach. Communication between you and your complete care team is immediate, thorough, and consistent. When our patient’s take advantage of our Texas Oncology Pharmacy services, their satisfaction with their care, their team and the support they receive is over 95% satisfaction.

Our Staff

Texas Oncology Pharmacy staff of over 200 people includes experienced, board-certified oncology pharmacists, clinical pharmacists specializing in oncology care along with a team of pharmacy technicians, Patient Assistant advocates, and insurance experts that help more than 66,000 patients and fill more than 220,000 prescriptions each year. Our Pharmacy team is a source of knowledge and compassion for our patients. We are a patient-centered care team that emphasizes collaboration across all of the Texas Oncology care team. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the medication you need and have the immediate support needed for your care. Patients and their personal support team can reach out to our team at any time. We welcome and encourage you to talk with us about anything at anytime.

Our Pharmacy Services

The use of oral therapeutics in cancer treatment is rapidly growing. Your doctors at Texas Oncology currently manage and oversee your infused cancer drugs, but they can also do the same with any oral medications your treatment path may need. As an integral part of the Texas Oncology team, our on-site specialty pharmacy — Texas Oncology Pharmacy — provides oral chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and other targeted medications as ordered by your oncologists. All of these drugs need specialized knowledge and oversight. Our highly trained pharmacists collaborate with your oncology care team to provide the best possible outcomes for you, our Patient. Our on-site pharmacy offers many convenient services dedicated solely to you and your oncology care treatment plan.

We are dedicated to providing you with the personal service necessary to ensure that you achieve the most benefit from your therapy including:

  • Personalized patient care.
  • Cancer-specific advice and consultation.
  • Comprehensive oncology formulary
  • Patient Management Program.
  • Timely Access to Your Oncology Treatments.
  • Home delivery of your medications (as needed).
  • Coordination of your prescriptions with your other oncology treatments and appointments.
  • Refill Reminders.
  • Access via phone to clinically trained pharmacists 24/7/365.
  • Disease-Specific Educational and Support Materials.
  • Drug Specific Educational and Support Materials.
  • Work closely with your physician to manage any side effects.
  • Access to Clinical Research.
  • Therapy Support.
  • Adherence Monitoring and support.
  • Access to information via web.
  • Advocacy with insurance companies.
  • Advocacy with financial assistance sources.
  • Cost effective / best options for you.

Ask your doctor about using Texas Oncology Pharmacy and how you can take advantage of this team-based, unfragmented and comprehensive care approach to your cancer care.