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Request an Appointment

Your First Appointment

We want to make your first visit a smooth, comfortable experience.

Several days before your appointment, you’ll receive a packet of information with more details about where we’re located and what you need to bring with you.

We ask that you arrive about 30 minutes early to complete some routine paperwork. If you’d prefer, you can complete most forms in advance and bring them with you.

Plan to spend two to three hours with us at your first appointment. It will be comprehensive and may include:

  • A physical exam performed by your physician.
  • Additional testing to help us outline your treatment plan.
  • Visits with other physicians such as a surgeon or radiation oncologist.
  • Meeting with a financial counselor to discuss your insurance coverage benefits.
  • Meetings with support services such as a pharmacist or patient navigator.

We’ll allow as much time as you need to answer your questions, explain your cancer type and treatment options, and outline the next steps. Your treatment will likely not begin at your first appointment.

Good communication between you and your medical team is essential. You’re the expert on your body. Make sure you bring up any concerns to your doctor and healthcare team. Your first appointment is also the ideal time to bring the list of questions you created. 

We encourage you to bring a family member or friend to your appointment participate in the discussion. They may hear something you missed, think of different questions to ask, or take notes.

When you finish your first appointment, step back and take a deep breath. You’ve taken a significant step and have a plan to move forward.