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Financial Counseling

We provide financial counseling to patients and their families to assist in alleviating the stress and strain that can occur. Assistance your financial counselor is available to provide includes:

  • Obtaining referrals and pre-authorizations for your treatment
  • Obtaining verification of insurance benefits
  • Answering questions about account balances
  • Helping identify sources for payment assistance
  • Managing resources and working through financial difficulties caused by your disease
We are a participating provider for:
  • Most commercial insurance plans
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid (Texas)
  • Selected Health Insurance Marketplace plans

Once you and your physician have finalized a treatment plan, your financial counselor will provide an estimate of your benefits and out-of-pocket expenses. Please keep in mind that any unpaid balances remaining after your insurance has paid the claim(s) will be your responsibility.

Talk with your financial counselor, nurse, or physician if you are having financial difficulties. Your financial counselor can assist you in resolving problems and may be able to help you obtain financial assistance, but we need to know as soon as possible to avoid disruption in health insurance coverage.

It’s important to stay current on your insurance premiums to keep your benefits in effect. Your insurance policy could require that you are responsible for full payment of your healthcare expenses for any time periods your premiums were not paid.