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Ten Questions to Discuss With Your Physicians

You’ll likely have many questions. We recommend writing them down as they occur to you and bringing them to your appointments. We’ll give you as much time as necessary to answer them. We also recommend bringing a family member or friend to take notes, listen to the discussion, and provide support.

Here are some of the most common questions we answer. As you read them, more may come to mind.

  1. What type of cancer do I have? What stage is my cancer? How aggressive is it?
  2. Where is the cancer, specifically? Has it spread to other parts of my body?
  3. What are the goals of my treatment?
  4. What are my treatment options? What are the risks and benefits for each of them?
  5. Which treatment option do you recommend? Why?
  6. What are my chances of survival, based on my cancer as you see it?
  7. What are the next steps?
  8. Is a clinical trial appropriate for me?
  9. Should I get a second opinion?
  10. Where can I get more information about my cancer and treatment options?