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Working with Cancer: Patient Preferences Questionnaire

This list of questions can be used to guide a conversation with your employer regarding your wishes and concerns as you navigate working throughout cancer treatment and recovery.

Remember that these responses may change throughout treatment, so it may be helpful to schedule several checkpoints throughout your cancer journey.

  • What aspects of your cancer journey, if any, would you like to share with your co-workers? What aspects would you prefer to keep private?
  • Do you want your co-workers to be updated on your treatment schedule?
  • Do you want your co-workers to be updated on your recovery progress?
  • Do you have a designated point person to share updates with? Are you comfortable with them relaying necessary information to the rest of your team?
  • In which ways would it be most helpful for your co-workers to provide support (meals, transportation, words of encouragement, quality time, etc.)?
  • What workplace accommodations will you want/need?
  • What schedule adjustments will you want/need?