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Paying for Care

Our focus is helping you manage resources and understand the financial aspects of your care. Your financial counselor can answer questions about your insurance coverage and payments.

You may want to have a family member help you. Please complete an Authorization for Disclosure of Financial Information form so that we will be able to release financial information to that person.

Review frequently asked billing questions.

Insurance Plans

Texas Oncology is a participating provider for:

If you are a self-pay patient, our financial counselors  will work with you on payment options.

Need help understanding your explanation of benefits?

Patient Billing

We will bill your insurance carrier. If services are provided but not covered by your insurance, you will be responsible for those charges. If you are a self-pay patient, payment is requested prior to receiving treatment.

Need help understanding your account statements?


Statements are mailed monthly if you have an account balance of $5 or more. The statements keep you informed of your insurance company’s payments, as well as any balances that may be owed after your insurance claim has been paid. Your balance is due upon receipt of the statement. We encourage you to contact your insurance company if claims are not paid within 45 days.

Please save the explanation of benefits (EOB) notice your insurance company sends you. These notices are essential in determining what portion of the bill you may be required to pay.

Lab and Radiology Billing

There may be occasions when tests must be sent to an outside lab for analysis. You will receive a separate bill from the lab and you should contact them directly with any billing questions.

Payment Options

We accept checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Payment may be made either at your center or via our secure online bill payment system.

The online payment system is a quick and easy way to make payments and view your payment history. If you have questions regarding your statements, billing, and online payment, please call toll free 1-855-425-9808.

Payment is applied to charges as indicated on your statement. If you pay less than the full balance, your payment will be applied to the oldest charges.

View instructions on the various ways to pay.

Clinical Trials

At any point, we have more than 100 open clinical trials  researching breakthrough treatments for cancer. If you are participating in a clinical trial, the trial sponsor or your insurance company may cover some of the charges. You will be responsible for the charges not covered.

Self-Pay Patients

If you are paying for your own care, you may be eligible for a discount. To qualify, your estimated charges must be paid in advance and any billed amounts must be paid on time. Speak to your financial counselor for additional information and to see if you qualify. Accounts in collections are not eligible for a discount.