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Telemedicine at Texas Oncology

Specialized cancer care no matter where you live

As a pioneer in community-based cancer care, Texas Oncology strives to provide high quality, advanced treatment to patients everywhere in our state. Telemedicine enables our physicians to connect directly with patients who need highly specialized care – whether you live across town or across the state. With telemedicine, patients across Texas have access to our extensive and diverse expertise and more treatment options.

Telemedicine is a great choice for patients who want or need to continue care from the comfort and safety of their homes. This is especially important for those who are immunocompromised. Telemedicine can also save patients time and expense, by limiting travel to a distant treatment facility.

While telemedicine does not eliminate the periodic need for patients to travel for certain treatment components or in-person doctor visits, it decreases the frequency of and need for in-person visits overall, allowing our staff to actively follow regular patients and keep clinic volumes low.

Current specialties available for consultation and follow ups via telemedicine include:

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What to expect from a telemedicine visit:

Below is more information outlining how the telemedicine process works and what patients can expect from their visit.
  • Patients will receive an email confirmation after Texas Oncology schedules their appointment in the VSee app.
  • Patients should download the VSee app to their computer or cell phone prior to their appointment, using these step-by-step instructions.
  • A few minutes before their designated appointment, patients will receive an email inviting them to join their appointment by clicking on a link to enter a “virtual waiting room.”
  • Patients will click “Enter Waiting Room As Guest” to be directed to their appointment and follow the prompts in the VSee app.
  • Before the telemedicine appointment, or after logging into VSee, a medical assistant will call the patient on the phone to gather the patient’s most recent medical information.
  • Once intake is complete, patients will visit with their provider.
For select Texas Oncology locations, some telemedicine appointments are supported by the Texas Oncology virtual care team. This enhanced telemedicine experience is designed to mirror what happens at an in-person visit. Patients with a telemedicine appointment supported by the virtual care team can expect the following additions to their experience:
  • When logging in for an appointment, patients are welcomed by a virtual greeter for check in, similar to what happens when patients arrive for an in-person visit. The virtual greeter confirms insurance, contact information, and collects the patient’s copay, if applicable.
  • Patients will then see a virtual medical assistant, who completes the intake process by gathering the patient’s most recent medical information, like what happens once patients are situated in an exam room.
  • Once intake is complete, patients will visit with their provider.

To request a consult, please follow these instructions.

For more information, and to find out if your case is appropriate for Texas Oncology’s telemedicine capability, contact your Texas Oncology location.