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Breast Cancer Awareness month shines a light on the importance of testing

Publication: TCU 360
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many may be considering genetic testing for breast cancer. Jennifer Hecht, breast surgeon at Texas Breast Specialists–Fort Worth Cancer Center, explains that knowing your family history and personal risk can help your care team determine if genetic testing is appropriate.

Mike Rasnick: Never Lost Hope Despite Three Cancer Diagnoses

Publication: Austin American-Statesman
Over the past 23 years, Mike Rasnick has been diagnosed with three separate types of cancer: cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL), squamous cell carcinoma, and adenocarcinoma. With the help of Bartlomiej Posnik, M.D., Texas Oncology–Bastrop, Krishna Patel, M.D., Texas Oncology–Georgetown and Round Rock North, and Courtney Sheinbein, M.D., Texas Oncology–Round Rock North, Mike received several forms of treatment to treat his cancers, including surgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). Despite a complex and challenging triple cancer saga, Mike’s outlook is remarkably positive. “I wouldn’t be alive were it not for Texas Oncology,” says Mike. “The staff was incredible, and I can’t speak highly enough of them – I am profoundly grateful.”

Cedar Park HS football announcer celebrates 25 years in the role

Publication: KTBC-TV (FOX, Austin)
In March 2023, Brad Cone was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Less than a year later, near the end of his cancer treatment, he celebrated 25 years as the sports announcer for the Cedar Park High School Timberwolves. Despite his diagnosis, he's never missed a single game, and during the last football game of the season, he shared with KTBC-TV how his love for football and the support of the Cedar Park sports community helped him through his fight with cancer. His oncologist, Ashleigh Porter, M.D., Texas Oncology–Cedar Park and Leander, also shared the importance of having hope and finding strength in one's community, noting that Brad's story exemplifies "a perfect recipe for success for any cancer patient."

Navigating The Myths And Realities Of Hospice Care And Cancer

Publication: Austin Medical Times, Houston Medical Times
National Hospice and Palliative Care Month is in November and Texas Oncology is recognizing the power of this important and deeply personalized care, and how hospice improves quality of life for patients near the end of life and supports those who love them, in their latest byline in the Austin and Houston Medical Times.

Should I Be Screened for Lung Cancer?

Publication: Living Well Magazine

Like with all cancer types, knowing your risk of developing lung cancer is crucial in early detection. Understanding what preventable measures you should take, such as lung cancer screenings, can reduce your risk and protect your body against lung cancer.

The Benefits of Proton Therapy to Treat Lung Cancer

Publication: Texas Monthly
Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in Texas, with about 14,510 new cases expected to be diagnosed in 2023. Lung cancer is also the leading cause of cancer deaths in Texas. For cancer patients in Texas and surrounding areas, Texas Center for Proton Therapy offers a highly specialized form of proton therapy known as pencil-beam scanning, which can treat irregularly shaped tumors near sensitive areas, like the lungs.

Taking Breast Cancer Prevention and Detection into Your Own Hands

Publication: Woman2Woman Magazine

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jasmine Gowarty, M.D., of Texas Oncology–McAllen, shares the importance of responding quickly to new symptoms, advocating for your health, and undergoing proactive breast cancer screening as recommended by a healthcare provider.

Spreading Awareness About Breast Cancer In Men

Publication: KCEN-TV (NBC, Temple)
“In my 26 years as an oncologist, I’ve seen about five men with breast cancer,” says Carlos A. Encarnación, M.D., FACP, Texas Oncology-Hamilton and Horizon Circle. Dr. Encarnación joins KCEN-TV (NBC, Temple) to talk about the rarity of male breast cancer yet the importance of men recognizing the signs and symptoms to catch the disease early.

How Cold Caps Are Restoring Autonomy For Chemo Patients

Publication: ESSENCE
Jamie E. Terry, M.D., MHCE, FACS, Texas Breast Specialists-Houston Memorial City, Katy, Pearland shared with ESSENCE the science behind cold caps, a device that reduce the hair loss caused by some types of chemotherapy. Dr. Terry also shared the emotional impacts of hair loss and hair thinning can be categorized as a big component of successful or unsuccessful survivorship, something especially pertinent amongst Black women– who are often held to harsher standards regarding the appearance of their hair.

Breast Cancer Surgery: What are my options?

Publication: Palestine Herald-Press
What happens when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer? Dr. Shail Dalal shares his advice so you know how to make the best decisions for you and your family regarding a cancer diagnosis and how to treat it.