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Trouble Sleeping? Tips For a Restful Sleep When Going Through Cancer Treatment

Publication: Jewish Outlook

Having a good sleep routine, also known as sleep hygiene, is an important habit to establish. And if sleeping - or the lack thereof - is becoming a concern, always speak with one's physician on determining the causes of sleep problems and ways to sleep better at night. Rebecca Fisher, M.D., neuro oncologist at Texas Oncology–Austin Brain Tumor Center, addresses the importance of a good night's sleep and challenges cancer patients face when it comes to sleep.

Local Cancer Patient Encourages Others to Visit Doctors if Something Feels Off

Publication: KXXV-TV (ABC, Waco)
David Mocio, former naval pilot and 7-time marathoner was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma in 2015 and receives immunotherapy every 28 days, which has halted his cancer from spreading further, since his diagnosis. With June being the cross-section of Men’s Health Month and Immunotherapy Awareness Month, David and Dr. Carlos Encarnacion, Texas Oncology-Hamilton and Horizon Circle joined KXXV-TV (ABC, Waco) to raise awareness about taking care of yourself, not ignoring any glaring symptoms and provided viewers with insights on proper screenings.

Study reaffirms: Cancer treatment, mental health care should go together

Publication: Austin-American Statesman

Survey data from Texas Oncology indicates that most cancer patients experience symptoms of depression or anxiety, and many feel less attractive or confident. Texas Oncology patient Randi Sparks shares the impact of recurrent breast cancer on her mental health and the support she received from her multidisciplinary team, including Maygen Hansard, LMSW of Texas Oncology–Wichita Falls Cancer Center. Other members of the Texas Oncology team also share their perspectives on cancer and mental health. Aimee Mackey, M.D., FACS of Texas Breast Specialists–San Marcos and South Austin, emphasizes the importance of involving patients in their treatment and connecting them with resources and support. Stephanie Broussard, the director of social work and palliative care at Texas Oncology, shares mental health warning signs to look out for.

Texas Oncology Adds Local Colon, Rectal Surgeons to Expand Services

Publication: Community Impact
As recent studies show colon and rectal cancer is increasingly found in younger patients and being diagnosed in more advanced stages, Texas Oncology has expanded its care by acquiring Central Texas Colon and Rectal Surgeons. Thiru Lakshman, M.D., Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists–Austin Central, shares more on how the addition of these physicians expands access to care in Central Texas as well as some lifestyle tips for colorectal cancer prevention.

Cancer Topics - Oncology Practice In Rural Settings

Publication: ASCO Education Podcast
In Part One of the ASCO Education Podcast, Sucharu "Chris" Prakash, medical oncolist at Texas Oncology–Paris and Texas Oncology and president of the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology, examines the realties practicing oncology in rural areas. 

Texas Oncology opens comprehensive cancer facility

Publication: KAMR-TV (NBC, Amarillo)

Texas Oncology has opened a new comprehensive cancer center in Amarillo, significantly expanding the capacity of the practice to meet the growing need for cancer care in the Texas Panhandle region. Praveen Tumula, M.D., medical oncologist and area medical director at Texas Oncology–Amarillo Cancer Center, shares the importance of providing specialty cancer care to patients closer to home.

Amarillo business news: Texas Oncology center

Publication: Amarillo Globe-News

Texas Oncology has opened a new 50,000-square-foot cancer center in Amarillo. Steven Paulson, M.D., president and chief executive officer, and Praveen Tumula, M.D., medical oncologist and area medical director at Texas Oncology–Amarillo Cancer Center, share the importance of providing innovative and individualized care to patients in the Texas Panhandle region.

Calling All Men: Your Health is Your Wealth

Publication: Austin Medical Times, Houston Medical Times, Palestine Herald-Press
In recognition of National Men's Health Month, Mike Lattanzi, M.D., Texas Oncology–Austin Central, Jorge Darcourt, M.D., MHCM, Texas Oncology–Houston Medical Center, Sugar Land, and Shail Dalal, M.D., Texas Oncology–Palestine Cancer Center, share some less familiar cancers that are becoming more prevalent in men as well as lifestyle changes that can reduce cancer risk.

Innovative Cancer Care Expert

Publication: D Magazine

Texas Oncology delivers leading edge technology and treatment options to treat patients where they live. R. Steven Paulson, M.D., president and chief executive officer at Texas Oncology, shares how innovative cancer treatments improve quality of life, the benefits of participating in clinical trials, and the impact of biomarker testing for patients and providers.

The United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends new breast cancer screening age

Publication: KAMR-TV (NBC, Amarillo)

Following the release of new breast cancer screening guidelines from the United States Preventative Service Task Force, Lova Arenivas, M.D., of Texas Oncology–Amarillo Cancer Center, discusses the prevalence of breast cancer, early detection signs, factors that may increase the risk of breast cancers, and preventative measures individuals can take to lower their cancer risk.