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Cancer Topics - Oncology Practice In Rural Settings Part 2

Publication: ASCO Education Podcast
In this podcast episode, Chris Prakash, M.D., medical oncologist at Texas Oncology–Paris, medical director of Texas Oncology and president of the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology, discusses the need for rural populations to access clinical trials, using telemedicine for chemotherapy and clinical trials, and using political advocacy to improve cancer care in rural areas.

A New Texas Law Makes Better Treatment Options Possible for Cancer Patients

Publication: KERA (NPR, Dallas-Fort Worth)

A new state law gives cancer patients access to more targeted and effective therapies in precision medicine. KERA’s Sam Baker talks about all this with Dr. Chris Prakash, director of quality services for Texas Oncology and current president of the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology. Prakash helped in efforts to pass Senate Bill 989.

Mark Tempelmeyer: A Second Chance at Life with Stage IV Prostate Cancer

Publication: Austin American-Statesman
In September 2022, Mark Tempelmeyer, 64, received a call that changed his life. After being diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, Mark and his wife Helene aimed to "find him the best in Austin," and he was referred to Kyle T. Keyes, M.D., Texas Urology Specialists–Austin and Austin Midtown, and Mike Lattanzi, M.D., Texas Oncology–Austin Central, to treat his cancer. Now that his most recent PSA score registered at a 0.1, Mike and Helene live a full life together with a fresh perspective.

Don’t Punt on Your Cancer Screenings: Scoring a Touchdown Against Cancer

Publication: Austin Medical Times, Houston Medical Times

From Friday night lights and college tailgating to NFL game day, for many Texans the most wonderful time of the year is football season. Like football, when it comes to cancer, a great defense is often the best offense. With an estimated 139,100 new cases of cancer to be diagnosed in Texas in 2023, cancer screenings are one of the most important “calls” that should be in everyone’s prevention playbook. Read why timing matters when it comes to fighting cancer and how early detection through screenings will help you score a victory against cancer.

Spending Time in the Great Outdoors When You Have Cancer

Publication: Jewish Outlook

Studies have shown being outside can benefit one’s health and well-being, offering opportunities for physical activity while reducing stress and improving mental health. To help patients make the most of the great outdoors, Texas Oncology shares easy, low-impact activities that are suitable for cancer patients and tips for sun safety.

Women + Cancer

Publication: D Magazine
Anju Nair, M.D., Texas Oncology–Medical City Dallas Building C, discussed how early detection of all types of cancer is a matter of relaying concerning symptoms to a primary doctor and following up closely, noting that breast cancer is often top of mind for women, but it is also important for women to know the signs and symptoms of other cancers that commonly affect women, like colorectal, lung, cervical, skin, and ovarian cancers in women.

Breast Cancer Surgery: What Are My Options?

Publication: Harrison Magazine

Surgery for breast cancer depends on several factors including the size and location of the tumor, stage of cancer, treatment options, and individual goals and preferences, all of which can have a profound impact on the treatment decisions a woman makes – especially in cases where breast surgery may play a pivotal role in their overall treatment plan. Common surgical procedures used to treat breast cancer include breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy; additional procedures include sentinel lymph node biopsy, lymph node dissection, and breast reconstruction surgery, which can be part of treatment after breast-conserving surgery or mastectomy.

Proton Therapy Benefits Prostate Cancer Treatment

Publication: Texas Monthly

If prostate cancer is detected early and before the cancer spreads, patients have a nearly 100% chance of survival after five years. Proton therapy delivers extremely precise, high doses of radiation directly to tumors, working to eliminate cancer cells while minimizing exposure to non-targeted, healthy tissue. This precision benefits patients that require treatment to the prostate gland only or to larger target volumes such as those involving lymph nodes.

McLennan County breast cancer survivor gives advice to parents working through hardships

Publication: KCEN-TV (NBC, Waco)

Back-to-school season can be hectic, especially for parents and caretakers with cancer. Kelli Volcik, breast cancer patient of Thomas J. Harris, M.D., Texas Oncology–Groesbeck and Waco, shares with KCEN-TV how she managed treatment while still being present. With her family, friends and community surrounding her, Volcik has been able to make it through the hardest times and still take care of her children, especially when it comes to going back to school. Now she wants to help others.

Breast Cancer in the Latino Community

Publication: KAKW-TV (Univision, Austin)

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death among Hispanic and Latina women. Sylvia Jaramillo, M.D., medical oncologist and hematologist Texas Oncology–Austin North Suite 300, discusses the impact of breast cancer on this community, ways to prevent breast cancer, and the importance of mammograms for the screening and early detection of this cancer type.