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Read more about what’s happening at Texas Oncology and the newest advancements in cancer care. Here are the latest Texas Oncology news and stories highlighting local practices and patients. Select a search option below by cancer center, physician, media type and year and click the search button to find your results. Items in yellow are articles and items in blue are videos.

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Embracing Precision Medicine, a Trailblazing Path Forward in Cancer Treatment

Publication: Austin Medical Times, Houston Medical Times
Unlocking the genetic “secrets” inside cancer cells is revolutionizing oncology. This advancement in medical science is the foundation of precision medicine, which provides patients with more personalized and targeted treatment, based on understanding the genetic information of a patient’s cancer.

Medical Breakthroughs

Publication: AARP The Magazine

Texas Oncology's evidence-based care model treats the whole patient, focusing on patient outcomes and significantly improving how cancer care is managed. These efforts are bolstered by innovations in biomarker testing, pencil-beam scanning, image-guided proton therapy, and CAR-T therapy, among others.

Treating Breast Cancer While Protecting the Heart

Publication: AARP The Magazine

Jared Sturgeon, M.D., Ph.D., Texas Center for Proton Therapy, discusses how the move toward avoiding exposing cardiac tissue to radiation is an evolution in care that can make a significant difference in women’s heart health later in life, noting that proton therapy is especially suited to concentrating treatment on the target tissue and avoiding the heart and lungs.

Treating Breast Cancer While Protecting the Heart

Publication: Fort Worth Magazine

Jared Sturgeon, M.D., Ph.D., Texas Center for Proton Therapy, shares how excess radiation can damage several critical areas of the heart, which can lead to a higher risk of coronary artery disease, including myocardial infarction and heart failure. However, for women diagnosed with breast cancer, advanced targeting technology at Texas Center for Proton Therapy can avoid needless irradiation and make a significant difference in women's heart health later in life.

Texas Grandmother, 64, Gets Trip To Disney — Living With Ovarian Cancer — A PARP Inhibitor Made The Difference

Publication: SurvivorNet
PARP inhibitors have dramatically changed the cancer treatment paradigm, especially for ovarian cancer patient, Melinda Fiebig. Melinda joined SurvivorNet to share how PARP treatment really worked for her – and the best part was it didn’t interrupt her day-to-day life. 

9 DFW companies clock in among Forbes' best employers in Texas for 2023

Publication: CultureMap Dallas
Dallas-Fort Worth continues to prove it's home to some of the best businesses in the state. This year, Texas Oncology was ranked as one of the highly coveted top-10 business on Forbes' 2023 America's Best Employers By State list in Texas.

Texas Oncology Expands In RGV To Provide Surgical Oncology Services

Publication: Mega Doctor News
Texas Oncology announced the expansion of its services in the Rio Grande Valley region to include surgical oncology, with the addition of Vijian Dhevan, M.D., MBA, FACS, to the physician team. Dr. Dhevan is board-certified in general surgery and has expertise in surgical oncology, as well as bariatric, pediatric (non-oncology procedures), and robotic surgery.

Cancer Topics - Oncology Practice In Rural Settings Part 2

Publication: ASCO Education Podcast
In this podcast episode, Chris Prakash, M.D., medical oncologist at Texas Oncology–Paris, medical director of Texas Oncology and president of the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology, discusses the need for rural populations to access clinical trials, using telemedicine for chemotherapy and clinical trials, and using political advocacy to improve cancer care in rural areas.

A New Texas Law Makes Better Treatment Options Possible for Cancer Patients

Publication: KERA (NPR, Dallas-Fort Worth)

A new state law gives cancer patients access to more targeted and effective therapies in precision medicine. KERA’s Sam Baker talks about all this with Dr. Chris Prakash, director of quality services for Texas Oncology and current president of the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology. Prakash helped in efforts to pass Senate Bill 989.