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The Importance of Breast Cancer Screening for Women

Publication: Fort Worth Magazine
Every October, women band together with pink ribbons in hand to spread awareness for breast cancer. With one in eight U.S. women developing breast cancer in their lifetime, what can women do to reduce their risk of a late-stage breast cancer diagnosis?

Body Positivity During Breast Cancer

Publication: KCEN-TV (NBC, Temple)
Like many women, cancer took a toll on Waco resident Heather Fields, patient of Dr. Carlos A. Encarnación, M.D., FACP, Texas Oncology-Hamilton and Horizon Circle. At the age of 42, in late 2019, Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer and embarked on a journey that impacted herself, family, loved ones and how she viewed her body image. With her loss of hair, she felt she lost her identity. Throughout her journey Heather realized that hair does not define you and now advocates for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer to embrace the new skin their in and have grace for their body as they fight this disease.

Identical Twins Raising Awareness About Breast Cancer In Younger Women

Publication: KEYE-TV (CBS, Austin)
Identical twins from Austin are raising awareness about breast cancer for women in their 20s and 30s. Hattie Sherman was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at age 27 but has since made a full recovery, now becoming an advocate urging young women to take breast cancer seriously. Hattie’s twin, Mary Alice, is planning the same surgery next year as a preventative measure as the Sherman twins’ mother, Molly, also had a double mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis years ago. Debra Patt, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, Texas Oncology-Austin Central, who has treated all three women, can’t stress enough the importance of self-breast exams, annual checkups and screenings.

‘It’s Just That Image You Face Everyday’: Waco Breast Cancer Survivor Describes Battle With Body Image

Publication: KWTX-TV (CBS, Waco)
Battling breast cancer and going through treatments like chemotherapy can take a toll on one’s physical and emotional health as well as affect how patients feel about their body. Waco resident, Heather Field, and patient of Carlos A. Encarnación, M.D., FACP, Texas Oncology-Hamilton and Horizon Circle remembers feeling insecure about her body during her battle with breast cancer. “I would wake up every morning and think I don’t have any hair and think, ‘wow I have cancer,’” said Heather. “It’s just that image you face everyday that you actually do have cancer.” Heather and Dr. Encarnación join KWTX-TV (CBS, Waco) to talk about the importance of breast cancer awareness and need to schedule your regular mammogram appointments.

Early Mammogram Saves Young Fritch Mother

Publication: KAMR-TV (NBC, Amarillo)
For women like Caitlyn Rice with a family history of breast cancer, mammograms can be an instrumental tool in providing the full spectrum of treatment options. In May of 2022, Caitlyn was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer at age 38. Thanks to a routine mammogram and vigilance about her health, Anne Doughtie, M.D., of Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists–Amarillo, was able to detect and treat her cancer in its early stages.

Allison Bond: Finding Support in the Fight Against Cancer

Publication: Austin American-Statesman
When Allison Bond, 36, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, she had no idea the number of resources she and her family would need to deal with a shocking diagnosis right as a global pandemic was emerging. With the strength and support of her multidisciplinary care team, Moya Griffin, M.D., FACS, breast surgeon, Texas Breast Specialists–Austin North; Michael Herman, M.D., radiation oncologist, Texas Oncology–Austin North Radiation Oncology and Round Rock; and Michelle Ashworth, M.D., medical oncologist, Texas Oncology–Round Rock, Allison underwent treatment with resilience, grace and optimism. Referred to by Texas Breast Specialists, she was able to turn to outside resources for additional support, including Wonders & Worries and the Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC).

Two Sides Of A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Publication: Inside Austin Podcast
“Fighting cancer has taught me how powerful my body really is and introduced me to the strongest group of women I’ve ever met. These women have inspired me for the better, and I want to be a champion in helping others who are navigating cancer,” said Kim Mosier, breast cancer survivor. Sherrie Thomas, M.D., FACS, Texas Breast Specialists-Austin North and Round Rock and Kim Mosier join the Inside Austin Podcast to have a frank and honest conversation about breast cancer and the clinical and personal side of a breast cancer diagnosis for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

AJMC Announces Patient-Centered Oncology Care 2022 Conference to Be Held Nov. 9-10, 2022, in Nashville

Publication: American Journal of Managed Care
The American Journal of Managed Care will host the 11th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care conference from November 9-10 in Nashville. The conference is free for practicing healthcare providers, administrators, and allied healthcare professionals – covering trends and insights that affect the care of oncology patients. Debra Patt, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, Executive Vice President, Public Policy, Payer Relations, and Strategic Initiatives at Texas Oncology, will be the event keynote speaker presenting the “What the DESTINY-Breast04 Findings Mean to Managed Care” session on November 10.

Man In Moody Faces Battle With Breast Cancer

Publication: KCEN-TV (NBC, Waco)

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Carl G. Chakmakjian, D.O., FACP, Texas Oncology–Gatesville, Mexia and Waco joins KCEN-TV (NBC, Waco) to discuss the prevalence of breast cancer in males. Dr. Chakmakjian explains how men typically present with more advanced disease than women, which is why awareness of this disease among men is very important, top risk factors for men and more.

Myth Versus Fact: Mammograms and What to Know

Publication: Palestine Herald-Press
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Texas women. Mammograms remain the most effective way to improve early detection of the diease. James Wilder, M.D., radiation oncologist at Texas Oncology–Palestine Cancer Center discusses common misconceptions and the truth behind breast cancer screenings.