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Read more about what’s happening at Texas Oncology and the newest advancements in cancer care. Here are the latest Texas Oncology news and stories highlighting local practices and patients. Select a search option below by cancer center, physician, media type and year and click the search button to find your results. Items in yellow are articles and items in blue are videos.

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Targeting Tumors: Radiation Delivers Precise Dose

Publication: San Marcos Daily Record
At Texas Oncology, our radiation oncologists use the most advanced treatment planning systems and state-of-the-art radiation technology to fight cancer.

Cell! Cell! Cell!

Publication: Texas Monthly
As cancer hospitals in Dallas try to compete with Houston’s M.D. Anderson, the medical technology arms race is heating up. Is that good news for patients?

Clinical Trials, Offering Patients New Hope

Publication: YourHoustonNews.com/Pasadena, Pasadena
Doctors Doshi and Holmes are medical oncologists and conduct clinical trials at Texas Oncology and talk about the myths around clinical trials.

Clinical Trials May Offer Many Patients Some New Hope

Publication: YourHoustonNews.com/Tomball, Tomball
For most patients diagnosed with cancer, standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments often prove to be successful. This isn’t the case for everyone.

Gene Tests in Yeast Aid Work on Cancer

Publication: New York Times
Biologists at the University of Texas is finding surprising links between the biology of humans and our distant relatives that point the way to new drugs.

Balance 5K Raises Awareness for Ovarian Cancer

Publication: KVUE.com (Website of KVUE-TV), Austin
Dr. Lynn Knowles of Texas Oncology and honorary chair of this year's event Stacey Hull spoke to KVUE about the 5th annual Balance 5K.

Targeting Tumors: Radiation Delivers Precise Treatments

Publication: YourHoustonNews.com/Pasadena
Over the past decade, radiation therapy has advanced significantly, and is still one of the most sophisticated and ever changing aspects of cancer care.

The Truth About Breast Cancer

Publication: YourHoustonNews.com (Website of The Pasadena Citizen), Pasadena
Despite the high survival rate of breast cancer, Dr. Jamie Terry at Texas Oncology hears many misconceptions and myths about the disease from her patients

Executive People on the Move: Dr. Narotham Reddy Thudi

Publication: Dallas Business Journal
Dr. Narotham Reddy Thudi joins the Texas Oncology–Irving and Texas Oncology–Medical City locations.

Executive People on the Move: Dr. Steve Perkins

Publication: Dallas Business Journal, Dallas
Dr. Steve Perkins joins the Texas Oncology–Irving and Texas Oncology–Medical City locations.