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Read more about what’s happening at Texas Oncology and the newest advancements in cancer care. Here are the latest Texas Oncology news and stories highlighting local practices and patients. Select a search option below by cancer center, physician, media type and year and click the search button to find your results. Items in yellow are articles and items in blue are videos.

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Golden Years or Cancer Years? Healthy Choices Can Make a Difference

Publication: Healthy Magazine, McAllen
You may be carefully tracking the numbers associated with your 401K, but do you pay close attention to more vital data points, like your cholesterol level, weight, or blood pressure?

Oncologist Would Rather Stop Cancer Before it Starts

Publication: Ultimate Bay Area, Houston
A third of all cancer cases can be prevented through health and lifestyle modifications and early detection, says Dr. Dhatri Kodali of Texas Oncology 

For Women with Breast Cancer Gene, Removing Ovaries by 35 Could be Life Saver

Publication: CultureMap Dallas, Dallas
A new cancer study reveals that women with a specific genetic abnormality could decrease the risk of death by having their ovaries removed early in life.

Now What? Deciding What to Do (or Not Do) After Genetic Testing

Publication: Healthy Magazine, McAllen

Winning the Fight: Oncologist, Patient Shed Light on Cancer Prevention, Treatment

Publication: McKinney Courier-Gazette, McKinney
Dr. Nandita Rao of Texas Oncology recommends maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes to lower the risk of developing cancer.

Experts: Cancer Cases to Skyrocket

Publication: Amarillo Globe-News, Amarillo
Cancer is becoming more common in younger adults, and health experts say annual health checkups are more important than ever to catch the disease early.

World Cancer Day & WHO’s Predictions for the Future

Publication: KIAH-TV (CW affiliate), Houston
With over 560-events planned world-wide, February 4th is day to raise awareness and debunk the myths about the Big C and to bring “power to the purple!"

This is Only a Test (That Could Save Your Life)

Publication: Healthy Magazine, McAllen
There’s no question that cancer screenings can save lives. But what tests? When? These simple questions no longer have simple answers.

Seeing New Life in the Face of Cancer

Publication: KTVT-TV (CBS affiliate, Dallas)
At age 22, Leah Duncan of Mansfield said that she was athletic and looking forward to the future. But then, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Women Postpone Cancer Treatment to Ensure Motherhood

Publication: KIAH-TV (CW)

Dr. Pustilnik of Texas Oncology says her patients are changing the way she treats cancer since they don’t wanna give up the chance of having children.