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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Fighting Like a Superhero

    Superhero dad Juan Molina treasures time on the soccer and football fields with his kids. After a kidney cancer diagnosis left him sidelined, he received some of the newest forms of treatment at Texas Oncology, including immunotherapy.

    "I see my kids’ faces and I’m kind of like a superhero to them, like Superman,” said Juan. “So, it helps me to keep fighting, for my family. I wear a Superman shirt all the time. I’m their superhero."

    Juan Molina
    Renal Cancer
  • Solving a Fifteen-Year Mystery

    For prostate cancer survivor David Tull, cancer treatment has led to some difficult days, but having a dedicated partner by his side and a strong faith has made a world of difference – especially when his illness became a 15-year medical mystery.

    "My wife is my A.G.A. – Advocate Guardian Angel. She's been on this 15-year journey with me, and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world."

    David Tull
    Prostate Cancer
  • Texas Center for Proton Therapy Treats 1000th Patient

    Being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in the midst of his retirement, Bruce discovered the power of proton therapy, becoming Texas Center for Proton Therapy’s 1,000th patient.

    "Dr. Mangona was hands down the best aspect of this entire experience. He walked me through all my scans in great detail, explained how everything worked and gave me a high level of confidence walking into my first appointment. I still had plenty of fears – who wouldn’t? – but he made the whole process that much better."

    Bruce Chamberlin
    Head & Neck Cancer
  • Big Cancer Research Program, Small Community Setting

    Texas Oncology–Tyler patient Dwayne Collins details his experience in a clinical trial to treat multiple myeloma. 

    "Even though this was my first experience in a clinical trial, I was never anxious about the treatment involving mainline chemotherapy in combination with a new monoclonal antibody for multiple myeloma. I had faith in Dr. Yimer, and I had faith because the drug had been successful in other trials. I truly felt it was the best option and was willing to try anything,” said Dwayne Collins."

    Dwayne Collins
    Multiple Myeloma
  • Patients Helping Find Cures in Houston

    Prostate cancer patient Jon Nicholson had never considered participating in a clinical trial, but after enrolling at his physician’s recommendation, his experience surpassed his expectations. Jon responded well to the trial and loves that he is helping advance research for prostate cancer to help future patients.

    "Dr. Doshi was phenomenal every time we met,” Jon Nicholson said. “She is incredibly encouraging, positive, and patient. She walked through every question I had to make sure I felt comfortable and confident moving forward. The whole trial was handled beautifully."

    Jon Nicholson
    Prostate Cancer
  • A Musician’s Guide to Healing and Hope

    Austin musician Jeannie Ramirez has always had a strong connection to music. Ever since her mom passed away prematurely from breast cancer, she channeled music as part of her healing process.

    "Music keeps you young, calm and happy. I’m here to touch people through my music."

    Jeannie Ramirez
    Breast Cancer