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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Mindy Sue Cohen: Fighting Cancer with Colleagues

    Breast cancer patient Mindy Sue Cohen finds support in colleagues who became her biggest cheerleaders.

    "It was incredibly helpful to have female managers to confide in. My co-workers were understanding and accommodating with my treatments."

    Mindy Sue Cohen
    Breast Cancer
  • Barry Halley: Staying Strong Throughout Treatment

    As a military veteran, Barry Halley has always lived a healthy, active lifestyle. But it wasn’t until after serving in Afghanistan that Barry found himself in his toughest fight yet.

    "Don't give in, don’t let cancer win. Don’t let it steal your joy. Always attack life with energy and zest."

    Barry Halley
    Lung Cancer
  • Suzie Oden: Overcoming a Family History of Cancer

    Suzie Oden’s unexpected emergency room visit prompted discussion about her long family history of cancer, Dr. Thomas Gregory recommended genetic testing – a moment that shaped Suzie’s own cancer journey.

    "Many people think cancer is a death sentence, but I never thought it was."

    Suzie Oden
    Breast Cancer
  • An ‘Insider’s View’ of Cancer Care

    When healthcare providers need care, the perspective is different. Clinical nurse specialist Eddie Maraboto found himself in a role reversal situation after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

    "Being a nurse and having worked in a hospice and helping my mom and grandfather through their cancer, I’ve been involved in oncology care. Right away, I saw the team environment at Texas Oncology and found it reassuring."

    Eddie Maraboto
    Testicular Cancer
  • Fighting Like a Superhero

    Superhero dad Juan Molina treasures time on the soccer and football fields with his kids. After a kidney cancer diagnosis left him sidelined, he received some of the newest forms of treatment at Texas Oncology, including immunotherapy.

    "I see my kids’ faces and I’m kind of like a superhero to them, like Superman,” said Juan. “So, it helps me to keep fighting, for my family. I wear a Superman shirt all the time. I’m their superhero."

    Juan Molina
    Renal Cancer
  • Solving a Fifteen-Year Mystery

    For prostate cancer survivor David Tull, cancer treatment has led to some difficult days, but having a dedicated partner by his side and a strong faith has made a world of difference – especially when his illness became a 15-year medical mystery.

    "My wife is my A.G.A. – Advocate Guardian Angel. She's been on this 15-year journey with me, and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world."

    David Tull
    Prostate Cancer