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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Christy MacDonald: An Advocate for Early Detection

    Christy MacDonald has seen multiple generations of her family experience cancer, and fought it ferociously when she encountered the disease herself.

    “Until you’ve gone through something like cancer, you don’t realize how precious life truly is.”

    Christy MacDonald
    Breast Cancer
  • Jana King: Faith in Recovery

    Jana King had encountered lumps in her breasts before due to fibroid cysts, but never expected to go through breast cancer so close to retirement.

    “Often, you think ‘Oh, I’ll get a mammogram this year if I get around to it.’ But I have told my daughters, all of my friends, and former colleagues what I’ve discovered. Mammograms are useful. They’re important, and they can save lives.”

    Jana King
    Breast Cancer
  • Karen Thomas: Maintaining Verve and Spirit

    Now in her 70s, Karen Thomas always has been incredibly fit, and even a stage I breast cancer diagnosis couldn’t impede her active lifestyle.

    “Staying close to my routine as much as possible has made it more bearable.”

    Karen Thomas
    Breast Cancer
  • Kathleen Bailey: Raising Your Voice

    For years Kathleen Bailey has looked after ailing family members, but a routine mammogram warranted results that forced her to take action and care for herself.

    “I want others to know that light and life lay ahead, that it’s not the end of anything. It’s just the beginning of their journey.”

    Kathleen Bailey
    Breast Cancer
  • Sierra Galvez: An Unwavering Spirit

    What was first thought to be an infection turned out to be a rare form of breast cancer for 18-year-old aspiring broadcast journalist Sierra Galvez.

    “Truly…every day is a gift.”


    Sierra Galvez
    Breast Cancer
  • Shruti Babu: A Mother’s Motivation

    As a mother of two daughters, Shruti Babu uses her unexpected cancer diagnosis as a teachable moment of strength and motivation.

    “I don’t want my children to be scared of the word cancer. I want them to grow up to be strong women who say, ‘You know what? Life goes on.’”

    Shruit Babu
    Breast Cancer