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Charlet Tidwell: Training for Her Next Race During Chemotherapy

"I have cancer, but we’re going to get through it and just keep a positive attitude."

Charlet Tidwell
Breast Cancer

About a year ago, I started working out, and I lost about 50 pounds running. And I found my lump myself. And my mom had died of breast cancer, so I had a history, so I kind of knew there was a possibility, so I went to my family doctor, and they ran some tests and it came back positive. And they referred me to Texas Oncology of Greenville.

I teach fifth and sixth grade science, social studies, art, and computer science… I’m also a doctoral student, so I’m quite busy. So, with cancer and the treatment, that was the big thing: I didn’t want to change my normal activity every day. I work out 3 or 4 times every week, my son plays every sport and is in the marching band, and student counsel and robotics. So I didn’t want to stop doing anything.

My mom died of cancer, and so I saw the worst. And I didn’t want to be that one, I wanted to be positive, and show that there is normal life after.

The first, her first chemo, the day right after, she went to go run 32 miles, right after school.

I have two other friends that I teach with that are best friends, and all our kids go to school there. So, after school, since they were all in athletics and we have to be there anyway, we decided we were going to take up running. So we started running around the school. And so the doctor told me in the beginning, make sure you’re walking at least 15 minutes every day. And so I said, walking? And she said, walking 15 minutes every day, I don’t care if it’s around the house. So the day after, the girls said, are going to go walking? And I said, yep, and we got to walking, and then I said, we’re running the rest of it. And they looked at me and said, are you serious? And I said, yep.

And we ran.

Training for her next race during chemotherapy

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