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Angela Groves: Queen of “Chemo Karaoke”

"Hope can take you so far. Everybody at Texas Oncology wants you to be successful and everybody’s cheering for you."

Angela Groves
Colon Cancer

I’m Angela Groves. I come here to Baylor Sammons downtown Dallas

We’ve really had a great experience. My sister and I are the ones that come to infusion and always have a great time with whatever nurse. You know, they’re willing to share stories of personal things that have gone on and we just kind of banter back and forth.

My sister and I have also—when we have a private room or even out in the full infusion room, have done what we call chemo karaoke and we come in here and sing songs at the top of our lungs and then post them to show that chemo is not the scariest thing—you know—in the whole wide world. You’ve got to have a good time and have some humor to make it through.

It’s hilarious to watch people who have been doing this a long time just still come in with a positive attitude and just make quips about jokes or things. It’s nice to watch people make those connections and those conversations, that support system. Because they’re not your family or your friends, you know. You’re in—you’re in a club now. And young, old, color—it doesn’t make any difference. Cancer doesn’t care.

We’re having a great time just encouraging people in our own little circle. And if I’ve skipped an infusion, I mean people were on Facebook constantly, “Why didn’t you do chemo karaoke today?” and why—so, it was just crazy and so much fun.

Queen of Chemo Karaoke

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