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Caregivers Guide

Caregivers are the unsung heroes of cancer care. There are many facets to your critical role, and we’re pleased to provide a range of resources to give you both insight as well as practical suggestions.

Your Role

Caregivers are the unsung heroes of cancer care, playing a critical supporting role throughout a cancer patient’s journey.

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Supporting Your Loved One Living with Cancer
A cancer diagnosis deeply impacts patients and those who love them. When a patient is diagnosed with a cancer that is treated as a chronic disease, that diagnosis takes on new meaning.
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Chronic Cancer Planner for Patients and Caregivers
Coming to terms with the diagnosis of a cancer that is considered chronic, vs. curable, is challenging – but there is a path forward.
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How to Ask for Help
Asking for help isn’t always easy, but most people sincerely want to help and their assistance can be invaluable.
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I Can Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter is a valuable resource for patients, physicians, and caregivers.

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First Appointment Tips
A patient’s first oncology appointment is a major milestone. Here’s what you should expect.
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Support Groups
Support groups bring caregivers together to share their experiences and provide a sympathetic ear.
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Helpful Links
Resources are available to assist you in your role as a caregiver.
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Caregiver Preparedness Bag

As a caregiver, you will likely spend many hours in cancer centers for treatment sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to commonly asked caregiver questions.
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Care for Yourself While Caring for Others
Caregivers are most helpful when they’re well rested and in a positive frame of mine. Remember to take care of yourself during the holidays with these tips.
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Navigating the Holidays When a Loved One Has Cancer
During a season marked by revered traditions, it can be difficult to honor your loved one’s needs while trying to celebrate as usual. Here are a few tips for the season.
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How to Help Patients During the Holidays
The hustle and bustle of the holidays can bring joy, but also a long to do list. Here’s how you can help a loved one with cancer get through the season with ease.
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