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Why Texas Oncology

Texas Oncology was founded in 1986 by a forward thinking group of physicians who shared the courage to chart their own course. They believed there was a better way to provide cancer care. Together, they made community-based cancer treatment a reality.

We’ve never strayed from our core mission to bring hope and a better quality of life to our patients. Every patient who entrusts their care to us is unique, and every fight, critical.

We provide high-quality, high-touch evidence-based care to help you achieve “More breakthroughs. More victories.” ® in your fight against cancer.

  • We believe patients deserve access to the best cancer care available, the confidence to fight cancer, and the critical support of their family and friends nearby.
  • Challenging diseases require exceptional insights. Our network is not a single institution. It is the driving passion of more than 530 physicians collectively focused on treating cancer and blood disorders with leading-edge technology and innovative research no matter where you live.


  • We have more than 280 locations throughout Texas and southeastern Oklahoma. We’re in every corner of Texas – including yours.
  • Our community-based approach removes the feeling of isolation of being away from home and eliminates the strenuous burden of frequent travel for appointments at distant treatment facilities to receive quality care.
  • Our experts offer advanced, evidence-based care including diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, and supportive services. The best part is that you find it all in one place and near your support system.


  • We use evidenced-based best practices to guide patient treatment across our network in a program known as Pathways. These guidelines, based on evidence, direct treatment to clinically proven options that optimize outcomes and minimize side effect. Health information technology gives doctors electronic access to these guidelines and other decision-support resources at the point of care.
  • We are focused on one thing: helping our patients fight cancer and blood disorders. This singular focus gives us specialized expertise in today's most effective treatments.There is a misconception clinical trials are only available at large academic institutions. In fact, patients of Texas Oncology take part in some of the most promising clinical trials in the nation for a broad range of cancers. At any given time, more than 100 national clinical trials are open throughout the network.
  • Texas Center for Proton Therapy opened in late 2015 in Irving, Texas, located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The center, featuring latest-generation technology, provides Texas Oncology physicians another advanced radiation treatment option.


  • Texas Oncology’s 282 certified oncology nurses throughout the network have additional training specifically for oncology patients. It’s another way we can provide the best cancer care for you.
  • Our support services team is committed to addressing your educational, emotional, financial, and nutritional needs.