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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked caregiver questions.

Q: What is a caregiver’s role in a patient’s treatment?
Caregivers are patient advocates. They should learn everything they can about the patient’s diagnosis, treatment options, potential side effects, and advance care planning, to help the patient make treatment decisions. It is also critical to help the patient follow the chosen treatment plan, taking notes so information is recorded for later reference. Caregivers should ensure that patients attend all appointments and treatment sessions, and take medications as prescribed.

Q: What should caregivers do during a doctor’s appointment?
Patients may be overwhelmed or not feeling well during doctor’s appointments, so it’s important for caregivers to take notes about the patient’s diagnosis and instructions from doctors or nurses. It is also important to write down questions for the doctor or nurse in advance of appointments.

Q: What impact do caregivers have on a patient’s cancer treatment?
Caregivers have a significant positive impact on the outcome of a patient’s cancer treatment. Caregivers should encourage patients to follow doctor’s orders and help ensure that the patient’s medical team has all of the information needed to best treat the patient.