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Read the latest Texas Oncology news and stories highlighting Dallas practices and patients.

Matters of the heart: How values bring meaning to patient-centered cancer care

Media Outlet: Rowlett Lakeshore Times

For many patients, finding out that you have cancer can feel like your world has been turned upside down. With the swirl of changing emotions, daily routines, family relationships, medical tests, treatment, and side effects, you might find yourself asking: What about what I want? The good news is the approach to cancer care is transforming so that what the patient “wants” is more likely to be what he or she gets. Cancer indeed changes many things in a patient’s life, but not the essence of who you are. Before, during, and after treatment, your personal values, perspectives, and cultural and religious beliefs are an important constant – the glue that holds you together during challenging times. Today, those values can also play a direct role in cancer care.

Texas Urology Specialists' Dr. Jeffrey Toubin Achieves Special Designation for Breakthrough Prostate

Oral Cancer Discussion with Dr. Nadler and Dr. Konduri

Media Outlet: KZMP-FM FunAsia (Dallas/Fort-Worth, TX)  

A Chance Encounter in an Emergency Room Has Kept This Cancer Survivor Going

Media Outlet: The Dallas Morning News

Family and Community Helped This Woman Overcome Two Terminal Cancer Diagnoses

Media Outlet: The Dallas Morning News

Thyroid Cancer Discussion with Dr. Claude Denham and Dr. Robert Mennel

Media Outlet: KZMP-FM FunAsia (Dallas/Fort-Worth, TX) 

Jolanta Chichon: Breast Cancer Screenings Essential to Save Lives

Media Outlet: Denton Record-Chronicle 

Lung Cancer Discussion With Dr. Claude Denham and Dr. Kartik Konduri

Media Outlet: KZMP-FM FunAsia (Dallas/Fort-Worth, TX)

Cancer survivor Elizabeth Stepp is determined to go the distance

Media Outlet: Dallas Morning News, Dallas

CMS's Oncology Care Model Has Issues, But Participants Say Care Has Improved

Media Outlet: Specialty Pharmacy News