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Dallas Area

Patients in the Dallas area deserve access to the best cancer care available, the confidence to fight, and the resources to keep fighting. We offer more than 50 cancer treatment center locations, convenient parking, and easy access to leading cancer care experts. Call a Dallas-area location or request an appointment today to learn how we can help you fight cancer.

Texas Oncology provides comprehensive cancer treatment and compassionate cancer care to patients using leading-edge technologies and innovative treatments. Learn more about the types of cancers treated at Texas Oncology's Dallas-area cancer centers.

Comprehensive, Integrated Cancer Care

Challenging diseases require exceptional insights. We’re focused on one thing: helping our patients fight cancer and blood disorders. This singular focus gives us specialized expertise in today's most effective treatments.

Your comprehensive treatment plan will include leading-edge technology and evidence-based care. Our Dallas-area cancer centers offer:

Medical Oncology Medical Oncology
Our medical oncology team develops and coordinates your cancer treatment plan and provides care such as chemotherapy.
Radiation Therapy Radiation Therapy
Approximately half of all cancer patients undergo radiation therapy as part of their treatment.
Surgical Oncology Surgical Oncology
Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists work closely with your treatment team to provide surgical options, which are often minimally invasive.
Texas Breast Specialists Texas Breast Specialists
Texas Breast Specialists provide comprehensive breast care for women.
Gynecologic Oncology Gynecologic Oncology
Gynecologic oncology encompasses treating cancers of the pelvis and female reproductive system.
Pediatric Oncology Pediatric Oncology
Pediatric oncology focuses on the treatment of cancers affecting children.
Blood and Marrow Transplants Blood and Marrow Transplants
Blood and marrow transplants (BMT) offer treatment options for diseases once thought incurable.
CAR-T Therapy CAR-T Therapy
CAR-T therapy, a type of immunotherapy, is now available at Texas Oncology.
Genetic Testing Genetic Testing
Genetic testing can help determine if you have increased risk for certain types of cancer.
Cancer Research & Clinical Trials Cancer Research & Clinical Trials
Clinical trials allow you to access new, experimental treatments before they are widely available.
Texas Center for Proton Therapy Texas Center for Proton Therapy
Texas Center for Proton Therapy features latest generation pencil-beam scanning and cone beam CT imaging to maximize effectiveness of advanced, life-saving therapy.
Texas Center for Interventional Surgery Texas Center for Interventional Surgery
The Texas Center for Interventional Surgery provides interventional services to treat your cancer.
Texas Urology Specialists Texas Urology Specialists
Texas Urology Specialists provide comprehensive urologic care to patients.