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Texas Oncology-Arlington South Welcomes Dr. Aena Patel

April 06, 2023

Aena M. Patel, M.D., hematologist and medical oncologist, is now accepting patients at Texas Oncology–Arlington South. Dr. Patel shares how patient-physician relationships drew her to oncology and advises patients to ask questions and take an active role in their own care.

What inspired you to specialize in hematology and medical oncology?

During medical school, I found myself gravitating towards medical oncology. As a visual learner, I was captivated by the evolution of cancer and the numerous forms of treatment being discovered. Most importantly, I chose oncology for the patients. As oncologists, we have the opportunity to help patients during a very vulnerable time in their lives. We truly get to know every patient on a personal level and tailor their treatment plans accordingly. Having a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most challenging things a person can go through, and I am grateful to care for patients every step of the way.

What excites you most about joining an organization like Texas Oncology?

I am incredibly excited to be joining Texas Oncology. I believe in the practice’s mission – to provide excellent evidence-based care for our patients – and am grateful for the opportunity to carry out this legacy. I admire how patients do not have to travel away from home to get high-quality care, especially while navigating something like a cancer diagnosis. Texas Oncology makes it easier for patients by providing everything in one building, so they don’t have to commute long distances.

If you could tell prospective patients one thing, what would it be?

Ask questions. Patients are given a lot of information on their initial visit, and it sometimes can be overwhelming or difficult to remember why certain tests or treatments are being recommended. However, asking questions will help everyone on your cancer team understand how to provide you with the best possible care, and more importantly, it will help you in making decisions that feel right for you and your family.

For upcoming webinars visit www.TexasOncologyFoundation.org.